Did you know, when you sleep, oxygen in the blood will drop to more than 10% of normal levels! Thus, taking precautions or increasing oxygen levels will make a better night’s sleep. And the most effective way to increase oxygen levels is to bring in the oxygen plant itself.

This list of best bedroom plants for oxygen is an option that should be considered to improve the quality of the air in your bedroom. Bringing plants into the bedroom will make you feel cleaner air, filter air pollutants, minimize stress levels, and make you sleep better.

Remember! Not all plants out there can make indoor air better. So, making a selection and knowing which plants improve air quality would be a better place to start.

The number of plants that are brought into the bedroom also depends on how much space you have. A plant with large enough foliage is sometimes enough to improve indoor air quality. However, when bringing in plants the best option you can do is pay attention to the balance of the appearance in them!

Best Bedroom Plants for Oxygen and The Care

Aloe vera

The first and best bedroom plants for oxygen on this list are Aloe Vera! This plant is one of the plants that can absorb carbon dioxide in the day and produce oxygen. They are one of a kind of succulents that will release large-scale oxygen at night and make you sleep better!

Formaldehyde and also Benzema are pollutants that automatically filter them out! Apart from neutralizing air pollutants, this plant is also preferred because it can treat various skin problems that exist. With very rare watering, they are easy-to-care plants and can be propagated very easily!

Ivy English

These are also the best bedroom plants for oxygen, they will also filter various pollutants in the room such as Toluene, xylene, benzene, and also formaldehyde. Not only that, but

Areca Palm

This tree is also one of the best bedroom plants for oxygen, but its bigger size and taller bedrooms often just can’t handle it! So, for those of you who want to take it to the bedroom, make sure you have a high enough ceiling to put this plant.

Areca Palm Best Bedroom Plants for Oxygen

Areca Palm Best Bedroom Plants for Oxygen

Placing it in an area with filtered direct lighting, soil that isn’t too moist, and watering it when it starts to dry will make it grow better!

Snake plant

Of course, this plant will also improve the quality of the air in your room! The placement in the window lighting will make it work better. Carrying 7-8 adult waist-tall plants will provide enough freshness and oxygen for you to breathe properly while sleeping.

Ivy Inggir is also very effective at fighting allergies that spread indoors. By entering it into the bedroom, you can breathe more easily and you will get a good night’s sleep!

Peace lilies

These flowers are the Best bedroom plants for oxygen with a charming appearance! By bringing it into the bedroom, you will also increase the humidity of the room by up to 7%. With high room humidity, you will also reduce various respiratory ailments.

All you have to remember is that they are poisonous plants for pets! Thus, make sure to keep them away from your pets.


Who doesn’t know this plant? Plants that are often used for therapeutic activities are also good oxygen producers.

Lavender Best Bedroom Plants for Oxygen

Lavender Best Bedroom Plants for Oxygen

Apart from improving the quality of the air in the room, lavender is also a choice of plants that provide aromatherapy for you. So, this plant is a great addition to make you sleep better!


With its white and pink flowers, your bedroom will look even more charming! This plant has a fragrant aroma and is trusted as a plant that helps treat insomnia. This is a very suitable choice for improving sleep quality and filtering pollutants in the air.

To make them grow properly, they need 6 hours of sunshine every day. Placing it on the windowsill is a good idea for its growth.


Many people know jasmine because of its very fragrant aroma. They come with a display of tiny white flowers that are very pretty, placing them in the bedroom will reduce stress levels and make the air quality better in them.

Jasmine For Best Bedroom Plants for Oxygen

Jasmine For Best Bedroom Plants for Oxygen

With its aroma, this flower will reduce anxiety and depression. Sleeping with aromatherapy is proven to improve performance the next day.

Golden Pothos

The last best bedroom plants for oxygen are golden Pothos! They are one of those plants that are easy to care for and have a very striking appearance as an addition to any design in a room. Not only that, but they will also neutralize pollutants like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde as well.

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With their dazzling, dangling-looking leaves, they make a great addition to your shelves as well as hanging baskets.

Don’t leave them in direct sunlight as the leaves can burn and turn yellow when they get too much sun.

The list of Best bedroom plants for oxygen above will not only minimize air pollutants in your bedroom but with a charming appearance, this list will also enhance the design in your room!

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