Best Bedroom Plants

12 Best Bedroom Plants With Low Light

Best Bedroom Plants

There is nothing better than the impression produced by ornamental plants, and not all houseplants are created with the same characteristics. There are types of plants that are easy to care for, and there are some that have extra care. All plants have different levels of care, especially for the amount of sunlight and their irradiation. This is why the best bedroom plants can vary from room to room, but the real problem is that bedrooms don’t always have enough sunlight.

Bringing ornamental plants into the bedroom is not a must, but do you already know the benefits of using ornamental plants in the bedroom? Less sunlight in the bedroom area makes you have to be more selective in choosing ornamental plants. Of course, you don’t want the plant to wither and then die. As we said, plants have their own character and this is where you will find a list of those that are easy to care for and can live indoors with little light.

The best bedroom plants with low light are defined as plants that will grow with less sunlight or indirect light. There are many types of plants that can live in low light areas, but they often have the same characteristics, namely, with broad and thin leaves. To help you find those plants, scroll through, and get the best plants for your bedroom.

Best Bedroom Plants With Low Light

Best Bedroom Plants
Best Bedroom Plants

1. Spider Plant
Let’s start with my favorite plant for Best Bedroom Plants, the spider plant tops the list of ornamental plants that are hard to kill. They are known for their tolerant nature of multi-watering and also under-lighting. These plants go great with their graceful appearance for any area of the table, fireplace, and they will give an elegant look when hanging.

2. Snake Plant
One more kind that is hard to kill! Snake plants can be made as Best bedroom plants with their upright and stiff-leaf appearance, they will do well in dry soil areas with little sunlight to stay alive. Apart from being difficult to kill and growing easily, they are a great option to make the air around your cooler.

3. Golden Pothos
A small plant with great power is often called Devil’s Ivy because they are tough to face death. They are an option that will survive dim areas, under office lights, and even without lighting at all. They are absolutely the best choice of bedroom plants without even watering them for a few weeks.

4. Calathea Rattlesnake
They are the prima donna for table-top plants with patterns that have a combination of two colors that resemble reptile skin. The good news is they are plants that really hate direct sunlight on their leaves, which is why they are rightly placed in light-drenched areas. And the good news is, they are still friendly with pets.

5. Chinese Evergreen
This one doesn’t like a lot of sunshine, but they also won’t do well in hot, dry conditions. They are a tropical plant that likes warm, humid weather at temperatures of 70-72ºF.

6. Bird Fern’s Nest
This plant is the most common ornamental plant idea. They are plants that have been loved for millions of years, having the ability to continue to thrive in a variety of lighting and irrigation conditions. This is the best choice of bedroom plants that will do well even in low light areas, and when you see the leaves getting wrinkled this means they need less light.

7. Peperomia Obtusfolia
This is a plant that requires careful care such as low light, indirect light, and also regular watering every week. Rubber plants with tiny white flowers are very beautiful, they are flexible when you place them on the windowsill so they will also keep growing in moderate light.

8. Monstera Deliciosa Floor Factory
This plant will survive and survive in dry soil conditions and dim light. Besides living easily, they will be a choice that clears the air in the bedroom with soothing leaves of their hearts so they will be suitable to be placed anywhere.

Benefits Of Bedroom Plants

9. ZZ factory
A really great houseplant for parents who have an area of ​​the house with minimal lighting and less time to care for it. They are the best choice of bedroom plants for beginners, they also come in a variety of sizes to suit tables and floors. Apart from acting as an air purifier, its sleek appearance will make your designs even more elegant.

10. Nerve Plant
Or, more commonly known as Fittonia, this is a variety of small leaves that grow naturally and cover the ground. They will literally thrive with plenty of water and shade, so placing them on a window sill, a small container, or terrarium will work just fine. When you put in a little light, the leaf color will also be less.

11. Brazilian Philodendron
And for those who are new to houseplants, the Brazilian Philodendron is a must-consider option. They are a forgiving plant choice and tolerate all possible neglect. Low light, poor soil, and irregular watering are no big deal for them.

12. Modern Bamboo
Bamboo is often used as a symbol of growth, luck, and prosperity. Bamboo is also often associated with feng shui in any room. With really easy-care, bamboo can live in indirect and low light, slightly moist soil, and in temperatures of 65-95 ° F.

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