Basically, the decoration, arrangement, and also feel of the bedroom will determine how well you will rest. And for that Design minimalist bedroom ideas will help you to create your dream bedroom! This is an idea that gives a clean and fresh look to a room and your bedroom is no exception!

The concept of the idea is to put functionality first and eliminate the non-essentials! This way you will have a bedroom that is entirely comfortable, feels spacious, and clutter-free.

How to design minimalist bedroom

Start With a White Tone

The hallmark of the modern Minimalist style is to emphasize the impression of space and no paint tone can beat white for an airy impression in a room!

Applying white tones will give the impression of airiness, cleanliness, and brighter. In addition, you will also have more flexibility in adding various accent tones to it.

Some people may find white tones less suitable for them. And if you are one of them, then try to go with other neutral shades like ivory or gray tones that give off a cool vibe.

Bedroom Tapestry

Adding a soft rug adds a visual boost to your room! It’s like a soft pillow specially made for footrests!

A rug will be the coziest place to land your feet in the morning.

Rugs can be used as accents in a room, so try adding rugs with a bolder texture or pattern! This is an interesting idea to try right??

Focus With Bed

Done with your choice of main tones and accent tones on the floor area, it’s time for you to focus on the stars in the bedroom. Yes Of course your Bed!

In the selection, try to focus on the choice of comfort and then style. A modern minimalist style bedroom must always look clean with soft blankets and still be attractive, of course.

Don’t use too many pillows as this can create the impression of an overcrowded space!

I suggest using a few main pillows and an additional accent pillow or two.

The use of round or lumbar long pillows in bolder tones but still matching is an idea that is perfect for you to implement!


Design minimalist bedroom

Design minimalist bedroom

Remember! Your bedroom is a bedroom with a modern minimalist concept, which means you can’t include too much furniture! Because it can mess up the concept.

Put only functional furniture! Nightstands, dressers, and bookshelves at the end of the bed can be options for your additional furniture!

If possible, you can order furniture with multiple functions (storage) that way, you can save more space and keep your space clean!

Make Your Primary Bedroom More Luxury With These Ideas!

Accent Tone For Design minimalist bedroom

The idea of applying accent tones in a modern minimalist bedroom is to be more selective. Instead of investing your money in various items that are less needed.

try to use your money to buy quality items.


No less important in decorating a minimalist bedroom is maximizing the lighting in the room.

The lighting idea that can be used in a minimalist bedroom is to have several layers of lighting. Try adding pendant lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps.

The combination of ample lighting with bright tones is the most forgiving trick to make the most of your minimalist space!


The last is to add ornamental plants to the room. Ornamental plants will give a fresh feeling to your minimalist bedroom.

The design minimalist bedroom ideas above are some tricks based on my experience, if you have additional tricks, write them in the comments column!

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