Garden Lilies Types For Summer

Best Garden Lilies Types For Summer

Garden lilies types are one of the most loved and recognized plants around the country for creating beautiful summer gardens! With a bright floral display that grows bigger than other flowers, this one flower can be designed to create various types of gardens such as rustic, cottage, contemporary, even classic gardens!

However, there are those who think that garden lilies types are a very old-fashioned idea for a modern garden! In fact, you can find more varieties of lilies in a variety of colors, looks, smells, and styles that are perfect for a modern garden!

Garden Lilies Types for Summer

Asian lilies

Garden lilies types are grown from a variety of different varieties! Usually, they will come with 6 or 3 flowers with very clearly visible petals on each stem. This type of garden lilies does not have a strong aroma, and some flower displays are smaller than other varieties.

This one variety comes in various colors such as red, yellow, creamy white, and also orange.

Orien pet lilies

This garden lilies types are one of the best summer options! They are flowers that were born from a hybrid of Oriental and Trumpet lilies. Comes with a trumpet-like appearance but is shallower.

Best Garden Lilies Types For Summer
Best Garden Lilies Types For Summer

The flowers are 6-12 inches wide, and come in many colors like yellow, red, orange, white, and also pink. Orien pet is also a type of lilies that are very fragrant with a height of up to 2-3 feet. They can also be one of the ideas for cut flowers with a charming appearance.

Trumpet Lili

These garden lilies types are more commonly known as “AURELIAN” lilies with lush flower growth that has a trumpet-like appearance with charming colors and a very distinctive aroma. Some of these varieties may present with at least a dozen buds on one stem, and some fewer.

This type also comes with many color choices such as pink, beige, orange, yellow, and white which comes with a star-shaped trumpet appearance that has contrasting tones.

Lili Longiflorium

Also known as Easter lilies, these types of garden lilies are also often bought and sold to create a fun holiday garden. With their white flowers facing outwards like a trump, they can live and grow up to 1-3 feet tall!

In fact, they can bloom when out of season! However, when they start to bloom their fragrance is very characteristic of your private garden. What’s even nicer is that they can withstand temperatures even at -20 degrees F! Although they require a small amount of light power from the bulb, they are still very strong plants to withstand the cold.

Oriental lilies

If you are looking for a choice of fragrant flowers for the garden, then this type of garden lilies is the best! The scent will be very pronounced when night falls, Oriental lilies come with larger leaves than other varieties. If using this type as a cut flower, you will need to remove the pollen as it comes with a lot of thick pollen!

Oriental lilies have enormous leaf widths almost the size of a dessert dish with a bud on each stem. It comes in many colors like pink, beige, white, and also red to purple.

Turkish lilies

Comes looking like a butterfly looking for food! Turkish lilies are a unique choice for your personal garden. Garden lilies types are more familiarly known as “MARTAGON” lilies with each stem bearing a dozen beautiful flowers.

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This one lily comes in various tones such as yellow, red, pink, and also orange. With stems that can grow up to 6 feet or even more. Some of them also come with a grainy appearance and most have very alluring scents.

Lili LA hybrid

Present because of the combination of Asian lilies with “Easter” lilies, LA Hybrid is a lily that has a close relationship with Asian lilies. It comes with a bold floral display, wide flowers, and is unique to other Asian lilies.

They are also garden lilies types with a very pleasant aroma. They can be used as cut flowers, and can last for weeks!

Lili Canada

The last type of garden lilies is Canadian lilies or lilies native to North America! This flower has a yellow and orange appearance, with erect, slightly curved petals that can grow up to 4 feet.

Each existing stalk will have 5-20s unique nodding flowers to decorate your personal garden. They can withstand shade from other lilies and are great for creating a woodland or meadow look on your lawn.

Planting garden lilies types?

Basically, any type of lily can withstand the chilly temperatures that there are even up to -35 degrees F. However, lilies still need a period of winter dormancy and they will not grow in the harshest areas.

Lilies still need cool temperatures to create the perfect bloom. However, if the climate in the environment you live in is less suitable for planting. Try placing lilies in the plastic in the fridge for 6-8 weeks to get your own winter dormancy!

Tips for Taking care of your garden lilies types!

When you finish planting, use a 5-7cm mulch. This way your lilies won’t need too frequent watering. However, you have to make sure of it when the dry season comes! Lilies still need water when spring or summer arrives, this is a way to keep them thriving.

Some lilies do come with sturdy stems that can withstand wind, but when you have lilies that are 3 feet tall or 90 cm or so then cutting them is also a safe option for yourself!

When you get wrinkled (withered) flowers, throw them away! Make sure to keep the plant growing vigorously and healthily after it has finished flowering, watering it regularly every week can be a great way to create a lily garden that stays lush and healthy at all times.

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