Best Hanging Plant Ideas For Interior Decoration

Decorating using hanging plants indoors may be a natural idea for you to try once you have limited land in your home. Apart from making WINDOW BOXES, hanging plants are also a good alternative. Hanging plants indoors can also be an efficient treatment for your favorite plants because you will be able to ignore your plants after they are at the bottom. However, this is different when you hang at eye level. Hanging plants in your area is an alternative that is very suitable for you to try even hanging plants indoors will not use up your space. Learn this easy plan to hang plants in your room.
Best Hanging Plant Ideas For Interior Decoration
Best Hanging Plant Ideas For Interior Decoration
Sticky Pot For Window
Using a window as an alternative to pot storage and using it to decorate the house is a good choice. When you use this pot in your kitchen, you can plant some flavoring plants for your cooking. Mint leaves, and celery is pleasant choices.
Using a trellis, another alternative to farming is to use a trellis for your room. Installing a trellis at a certain angle can be an additional accessory for your space, in addition to being an additional accessory adding trellis in the room can bring a natural feel to your room. What’s more, the trellis doesn’t eat your floor, you can maximize the decoration with its users.
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You can use the trellis for its layout as an addition to the art in your room. You will love the use of a combination of plants on your trails and also some photo art or decoration. When you are bored with your plants, you can also replace them with new ones that make decorations change every time you feel boredom.
Installing Vertical Hanging Plants on the Wall
The provision of another good place is to use vertical mounting on the wall. In addition to adding a nuance of freshness at home vertical installation mode, you can install on the pillars of your room in addition to being effective for space use, installing on your pillars can be like accessories for your pillars. Plants that you can make decoration in your room can be in the form of flowers with striking colors, ornamental plants, and some cooking spices.
Hang On The Ceiling
Using pots that have chains to hang the top pots and the pots underneath is a good idea. However, you have to consider the installation because you have to make sure that your pot is really ready to get pressure from the pots underneath.
Use Magnets To Stick To The Wall
Magnetic Plate, you will love this. You can make interesting patterns on your wall with this plate. You can move them and adjust to your wishes, where you put it. You can put it as high as your eyes or even put it parallel to your chair.
DIY Hanging Baskets
Using a DIY-style hanging basket will make your room layout into an indoor plantation with an amazing modern fashion and will adjust to the corner of the room wherever you place it. Customize your own modern hanging planters set, suitable for any corner of the space.
Plant Stabbed bag
The bag you use to hang your plants is not just any bag! Pot Cradles is a design made especially for those of you who want plants in the house using a bag. This bag allows you to place your plants anywhere in the corner even though. This bag has a lightweight, adjusts to your plants and you can use it anywhere.

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