Best Home Office Lighting for Comfort and Productivity

Best Home Office Lighting for Comfort and Productivity

Best Home Office Lighting

Having a job, you can do from home is great fun, the most flexible time arrangement you can get is to start early or a little late? Working from home also frees you from tight clothes and ties as well. However, even though you work from home, you must pay attention to the lighting to minimize distraction and anxiety in space. Best home office lighting is a gentle flow of light and illuminates every inch of the workspace, especially the workstation.

Lighting in the workspace will provide you with more benefits such as minimizing eye pain, ease of navigation and enhancing the appearance of the room. In a home office, minimizing dark areas is a must because you won’t work faster when the lighting is dim. Making lighting well is a way to keep you comfortable, and here are some productive home office lighting ideas that you should try.

Best Home Office Lighting for Comfort and Productivity

Best Home Office Lighting for Comfort and Productivity
Best Home Office Lighting for Comfort and Productivity

Window Placement
To get the best home office lighting, the first thing to do is to place the table in an area that has a lot of natural light. Having the windows open at all times will reduce electricity costs, and also put you in a better mood. A study states that having natural light in your workspace will give you increased productivity, maintained health, and overall well-being.

When placing the window in the work area, you will find the area to throw your eye to take a little break from the screen.

If you realize that, properly adjusted natural light will be a way to motivate and increase the feeling of comfort while working. Providing a thin curtain can be a way to increase the soft lighting, but don’t make the lighting difficult to enter or even blocked!

Apart from natural lighting, the best choice of home office lighting is to add several artificial light sources with overhead lights and table lamps that help you to improve your focus. Thus, you will find it easier to find focus and productivity will be obtained.

Statement Lights
The use of statement lights doesn’t always have to be! In the home office, the room is completely under your control. In contrast to an office space that feels stretchy and unpleasant! The choice of style and shape of the lamp can be based on your personal style. When you divide a space for work, then choosing lights is also a way to enhance the decoration in it!

How to Make Home Office Lighting More Better

Wall Task Light
For those with limited workspace, the selection of a wall lamp with sleeves is best! By using this lamp, you will find a workspace that is freer from various clutter and has enough space to place a vase of flowers to make the appearance more refreshing.

Or consider the use of the Hectare Work lamp from Ikea, this lamp which is equipped with Wireless Charging will make your area free from charging cables that mess up the visual appearance of the room. You can simply place it on the base of the lamp or slip it into the cellphone case! Really practical. . .

Bulb on Ceiling
Another solution for the best home office lighting that has a limited work area is to use a ceiling hanging bulb. However, if you try to use it a reinstall is the only way to go! To create a space that is simple and still charming, you can try using a decorative, flexible nude bulb. This bulb option will make a more charming look for the workspace.

As we said earlier, when you work from home all arrangements are in your hands! This means each bulb choice, lighting intensity, and shade color can be determined based on needs and according to personal style. To get the best home office lighting, make sure you choose the most comfortable lighting for the eyes and minimize glare on the screen!

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