Best Indoo Plants

Best Indoor Plant Ideas For Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Plants

There are some additional accessories that can improve the quality of your home, bookshelves, bar charts, and also some ornamental plants that will make your home more luxurious and luxurious. However, placing plants for space is not an easy thing for everyone to do because not everyone knows about plants and where to start.
If you are looking for plants to be placed in every corner of your room and do not understand what plants are suitable for this job then you need to read this article.
Investing in indoor plants can be a fun thing for you, even using indoor plants can reduce stress and also filter the air and improve the air quality in your room. So let’s invest some of your dollars and make your room more quality as soon as possible.

Best Indoor Plant

Best Indoo Plants

Snake Plant
Snake plant is not a plant that is as scary as its name, this plant gets its name from thin leaves and is also erect with a green line as an irregular motif like snakeskin.
The term snake plant is a cool term with a fairly easy level of maintenance with a stage of drought that makes it easy to care for and perfect for all indoor environments. Generally, these plants can be put in areas with high light levels, but they can also survive in a place with minimal light.
Besides being easy to care for and easy to place these plants can filter out bad chemicals for the body. You can breathe more lightly now.
Plant photos or you can call this plant room plants will be a great choice for your room, plants that have a small size will become plants that grow up to more than 10 feet in your room can even grow in a room with low light intensity and also dry air.
This plant is easy to grow and also propagated but you have to learn a little how to make your pothos grow more at the price of just one plant. Don’t worry, this plant will also filter out air that is not good for your body.
If you want plants with easy maintenance and also easy installation these plants will be suitable for you to use in your room. Dracaena will be great because this plant is easy to adapt to the environment with different light, but you can choose the placement of plants that are a little far from the sun.
Dracaena can be a problem solver of temperature in your room and survive in changing seasons, this plant is the best plant from other plants. They can also purify the air in your room!
ZZ plants

ZZ is a plant that is highly recommended for places with minimal lighting, this plant can survive in dry conditions and also has very easy maintenance. These plants have large rhizomes such as potatoes that store water and also help the plants survive in a dry state in their natural environment. In fact, it means that this plant has resistance when you rarely water it. But still, make a schedule for watering at least once a month for watering, this plant is a symbol of prosperity and friendship.

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Spider Plant
Nothing exudes an instant forest impression than a spider plant for your room, plants that emit natural freshness for your room, and have the same level of care for other interior plants above. Spider plants need bright light but don’t have to use direct sunlight, and they can be placed in a room with a large window.
This plant is very pleasant for your room even a baby spider can be a good and strong air filter.

Swift’s nest
Turning into plants with the impression of opening an instant conversation, bright green leaves and also wavy You can make your room has its own charm with these plants in your room especially when you hang it at eye level.

This plant will be suitable for you to place in your bathroom with a shower but remember you need a little sunlight to keep it fertile. These plants will also improve the air quality in your room and therefore they are suitable for placement in bathrooms that have a high level of chemicals.

Lily is the highest memory for indoor plants in the room. You must have the ability and experience in keeping other indoor plants alive and after succeeding you can add these plants in your room. Because this beautiful plant requires extra attention in the room, maintaining moisture without excessive water and placing it in a place with sufficient light and staying calm is the best way to care for this plant.

This flower has pollen and is not recommended for people who have allergies. If you don’t have allergies, these plants are perfect for you to place in your room because they will produce good oxygen at night.

Green Philodendron
Philodendron heart-shaped leaves and vines will become plants that grow up to 10 feet in the same way as pothos. This plant is perfect for you who have a high shelf in your room and also a hanging planter in your home. This plant is very easy to prune and spread, this plant can be a very suitable plant for those of you who want ornamental plants that are easy to grow.

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