Best Indoor Succulents for Office And The Benefit

Best Indoor Succulents for Office And The Benefit

Staying in the office space for more than 8 hours is a great way to increase stress! Not only is it stressful, but sitting without the freshness of nature will make the body feel bad. Freshness from nature is a physical need for everyone, the nuances of nature that flow in the work area will make workers more productive, fresher, and more focused!

That’s why having one of the Best indoor succulents for office will make you feel fresher and stay focused when you’re in the workspace.

List of Best Indoor Succulents for Office

Snake Plant

Let’s start with the most difficult indoor succulents for office to kill! Not only difficult to kill, this one plant has easy care and can be reproduced in a very simple way!

However, you need to remember that each plant is different from one other! When you are looking for it, be sure to know how high it can grow and adjust it to the size of the room.

African Violet

The next best indoor succulents for office are the African Violet, this plant can grow well in any conditions (such as humans). Requires sufficient lighting to be able to display attractive flowers, but if the lighting is difficult to find you can use fluorescent lights so they can grow.

Placement on east or north-facing window is the best way to get the flowers to bloom. The African Violet fits perfectly into the office as it is about 6 inches in size, and makes it perfect for even a mini-office.

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Philodendron Best Indoor Succulents for Office

For those of you who have a corner with full natural light, then the Philodendron is the best plant to occupy that area! Philodendron is one of those succulents with a very beautiful dangling appearance.

Although they often use the concept of hanging plants, philodendrons can also grow well on trellises or totem poles. To keep it thriving, make sure to keep the soil moist!

ZZ factory Best Indoor Succulents for Office

ZZ plants or Zamioculus Zamifolia, are the best succulents for low light office! They are plants that can be placed in dim places and can grow well even with a little water.

This plant is native to Africa and you can use fluorescent lights to replace natural light. Comes in a very playful look to add an added edge to your office! In addition, the “Raven” cultivar is a plant addition with blackened leaves that is perfect to combine with the white look of your office!

Aloe vera

Best indoor succulents for office, this one can occupy an area with bright lighting! However, you only need a few weeks of watering to make it grow.

Aloe vera is also a great choice for various rooms, whether it’s traditional or modern concepts. Comes in a variety of types to choose from, each type has a different plant size and requires you to be more selective!

British ivy Best Indoor Succulents for Office

Best succulents for office desks because they can soften rough lines on the table! Its dangling look and can overwhelm the pot creating an all-over fresh feel to your room. English ivy requires moderate lighting with average water in the indoor area in order to thrive.

Options like “Silver Dollar” will create a silver charm to the room, while “Yellow Ripple” brings out a gorgeous golden look!


This plant is often referred to as an air plant because it can grow outside of a pot! You can even make it stick to a piece of driftwood by tying it with string. One of these types of succulents is perfect for the office due to the practicality of its placement.

Comes with hundreds of species to choose from and all of them have green, silver, or reddish spines.

Rex Begonia

Best indoor succulents for office have a grainy, veined look as well as twisted patterns in silver, purple, red, green, and purple tones too! It comes with lots of attractive textures with added wrinkles on the leaves.

Benefits Of Succulents for the Office?

Basically, having succulents in the office area not only adds to the appearance, but there are various benefits that you will get.

Best Indoor Succulents for Office
Best Indoor Succulents for Office

Good air circulation

By bringing succulents into the office, you will make the room fresher with good air circulation. Placing it near the window with regular watering will get you more oxygen with better quality, besides that the placement in the window will make the room look more attractive.

Increase attractiveness

Succulents are plants with a unique and charming appearance, not only in appearance, several types of succulents come with eye-catching colors. By bringing it into the office space, you will instantly increase the attractiveness and charm of your room!

Improve focus and mood

Succulents or plants placed in the work area will make workers more focused and in a better mood! The circulating air produced by plants makes you feel fresher and minimizes your stress level. A study states that workers who turn their eyes to plants every few moments will focus more on workers who do not have plants in their workspace!

So, with the many uses of succulents for the office area and the list of Best indoor succulents for office above, are you still hesitant to bring them into the work area? I think this is the perfect time to bring him in!

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