Best Kitchen Arrangement Tips

The kitchen is already a space with a very high level of traffic, a lot of activities are done there, and so is the furniture in it. If you have a kitchen that’s too cluttered, and it’s hard to find the items you need, then this is a good time to start considering reorganizing your kitchen. The best kitchen arrangement is not about the size of your kitchen, but about how to arrange every item in it so that it is easier to find and navigate.

Talking about the difficulty of finding items in the kitchen, and keeping them clean then it is against how big the room is, but about the arrangement there is! To get the Best kitchen arrangement, you don’t need a complete overhaul to minimize clutter and make it look organized, when starting your arrangement project you only need a smart and practical step to get started. Here are recommendations for optimizing your kitchen arrangement.

The Best Kitchen Arrangement Tips That Really Work For You

The Best Kitchen Arrangement Tips That Really Work for You

The Best Kitchen Arrangement Tips That Really Work for You


Best Kitchen Arrangement Tips With Pull Out and Start Sorting
To get the Best kitchen arrangement, you can start by cleaning the items in your kitchen, don’t let any items clutter the appearance of your kitchen. So, make sure to start by prioritizing the various items you have and bringing out those you don’t really need.

Think about what each item is used for! How often is it used? Are they really helpful? And do you really need it?

Doesn’t this sound like a very easy project? However, reality says otherwise! This becomes quite a difficult job, considering that we have to make considerations to organize it. In fact, once you find items that are really useful in the kitchen you should start by thinking about the best storage places, where to throw unused items, or where to donate.

How To Planing Kitchen Island With Easy Step

Deep clean
After you take out the various appliances in the kitchen and sort them out, now is the time to continue cleaning your cabinets and other storage features. Is the perfect time to clean it up! By making a priority scale, you will unlock various storage features and can do a thorough cleaning more easily.

Create Zoning
Don’t rush to get each item back in place! Create reasonable zones throughout the kitchen and cabinet areas to facilitate grouping within. We recommend using a piece of paper and a pen to make your setup easier, here are some examples of zoning that are particularly effective:

  1. Zone 1: Equipment that is used every day (make it easy to access, and close to the washing machine) items that enter this zone such as plates, glasses, serving plates, cooking utensils, bowl, and utensils that are used every other day.
  2. Zone 2: The cooking area (close to the oven or stove) which is included in zone 2 is items such as frying pans, swallow, spatulas, wooden spoons, glasses, stirring stirrers, and other cooking ingredients.
  3. Zone 3: The pantry here is the best place for spices, dry goods, and more.
  4. Zoa 4: Storage and accessories (fridge area if you can) zone 4 items will be occupied by Tupperware, food storage, waste paper, and so on.
  5. Zone 5: Often this is the coffee and bar area, and of course this area will house the various pieces of furniture used for making coffee.
  6. Zone 6: The area under the sink, filled with various cleaning products, hand soap, trash bags, and so on.
  7. Zone 7: The last zoning is the zoning applied to various special items, such as a server that you will only use yourself.

In order to create this zoning, you have to succeed in prioritizing and getting rid of various items that don’t really work for you and giving them a special place in other spaces such as the warehouse.

Do the Position Well
The next thing to get the Best kitchen arrangement is to think about the right and clear placement in your kitchen. Keep each item neatly arranged in the area you have defined, placing the items you use most often at eye level and items that are rarely used in the higher area.

If you want to look more charming with your existing kitchen arrangement, you can start by creating the most sensible arrangement for each zone you have.


  • Use hanging racks for pots and pans to minimize filling in the cabinet
  • Use a special shelf for placing the spices and sort them alphabetically or by color
  • Use drawer dividers to make it easier to navigate
  • Wire racks are a versatile item for the under-sink area
  • Use the maximum possible area of the wall to attach metal items and magnets for easy picking.

After a month, you can go back to thinking about the existing arrangement. In fact, the Best kitchen arrangement will be obtained when you do some research and determine which one is the most effective for your kitchen.

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