Best Outdoor Hanging Plants for Full Sun And Caring 2

Best Outdoor Hanging Plants for Full Sun And Caring

If you are one of those people who want a colorful look on the front yard or patio when spring or summer arrives. So, a choice of hanging plants with flowers that flood the pot is a good idea to enhance the atmosphere on your patio.

When choosing plants to inhabit pots, these Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun should be on your hanging list! This list contains the best plants that will withstand full sun conditions and even require more than 4 hours of exposure per day!

The Best Outdoor Hanging plants for Full Sun!


These plants not only provide shade to specific areas but with a wide variety of impatiens hydra that is charming and tolerant of sun, shady areas, making them can be placed anywhere you want them!

Sunpatiens tops the list of Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun because of the flexibility that they can be placed anywhere while getting enough sunshine. The hot, bright sun is a must for it to thrive!

This plant doesn’t have any trailing habits, but doing so will create a taller garden look and can be paired with other trailing baskets!

Dragon Wing Begonia

Begonia is often referred to as a hard-working plant. Tone wing begonias are a variety of Best outdoor hanging plants for the full sun which are perfect for adding nuance to your patio.

This plant is perfect for those beginners because it is very suitable for various climates and is easy to plant. In addition to heat resistance, begonia is one of the plants that are very in love with the sun. This plant comes with dark tones on the wings and can thrive in a variety of seasons! It blooms easily and grows in spring or frost.


Who doesn’t know this one plant? Petunia has become one of the timeless favorite plants for the garden with its many colors and diverse varieties. Petunia Grandiflora is a perfect idea for Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun!

Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun
Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun

To get them to bloom properly make sure to keep the soil moist and keep full sunshine. However, watering doesn’t have to be done every day! In fact, you only need to water it when you find that the soil is dry. Maybe during the summer, watering 2 times a day is a common thing to do.

Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun with Portulaca

This one plant comes in lots of bright tones like pink and red! When using it, this plant is also often referred to as moss rose.

Portulaca is the most suitable plant for that busy outdoors to water and care for! Portulaca is the Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun and is ready to find dryness. So, when you are one of those people who do not have much time at home and plants. This option is perfect for you!

Best Plants For Hanging Basket Ideas


This one is one of the popular plants, this shrub that blooms with colorful flowers is a vine with its gorgeous red and purple hues when it blooms. Whereas new cultivars will bloom in orange, white, yellow, apricot tones.

This plant can stand alone as a wall covering shrub and can overwhelm a basket, depending on how you teach it! This plant can be present up to 10-20 feet in a season.

Bougainvillea is one of the Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun! As a drought-tolerant plant, this one plant can be left with dry soil.

Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun with Million Bells

This plant is a plant with a charming mound and in summer it can spread throughout the year. This plant has a petunia-like appearance but is smaller with a wide spectrum of colors.

This flower has a bright appearance and can attract hummingbirds, butterflies to your yard!

A million bells are also one of the Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun. In fact, to get the maximum view of this plant, you must provide full sun.

However, even so, you should often do maintenance such as making sure the soil is moist (when it is hot summer). For re-watering, you only need to do this when the soil starts to dry out!

DIY Caring Your Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun!

  • Water regularly: Plants you hang or plant in a container require more regular care, especially for watering. The best conditions for watering are when the soil starts to dry out, try lifting the pot and feeling the weight! or place your finger into the ground an inch deep and feel it. Watering can be based on the climate in your environment, when the environment has extreme heat then watering twice a day is probably very common. When watering, make sure that water can flow from the hole to the drain properly without obstruction!
  • If you find the plants dying or getting rid of them, get fresh to get rid of them! The correct way to cut is to remove it in the area that meets the stem. That way, you will find a place for new flower growth!
  • For planting in a mixed basket, you can make plant changes as you wish. It is very common to pluck out the already blooming plants! Get rid of existing plants that are uprooted and don’t disturb other existing plants. You can also cover the space with more soil to let other plants fill in any gaps.
  • To make hanging plants flourish, try to give them food in the form of liquid or slow-release fertilizers. Choose the one you want, give the plant according to the instructions and frequency.
  • If the existing drainage makes the water flow too fast (leaving the pot immediately) without wetting the soil, then you should soak the pot in a bucket full of water. This method will completely wet the soil and is a great way of caring for outdoor hanging plants for full sun.
  • Cutting is also necessary! When you find plants growing with irregular roots or stems, cut them off. Don’t be afraid to cut it because it will grow back, this cut aims to create a plant that remains comfortable to look at. Usually, the cutting will be made on plants such as petunias, or impatiens as they will create new, denser, and more charming growths.

Choosing the Best outdoor hanging plants for full sun from the list above and caring for them as recommended will make your plants appear more charming and create a pleasant oasis to enjoy with your family or guests. Patience and compassion for plants are the keys to your success, don’t give up!

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