Brighten Dark Bedroom With These Simple Tips min

Brighten Dark Bedroom With These Simple Tips


Does bedtime come? The darker the room the better the quality of your sleep. When sleeping, the body needs calm and comfort in the sleeping area. And while the light will disrupt the brain’s melatonin production system (a hormone that has the task of regulating the sleep cycle). However, if you decorate the room with dark tones? What will you get during the day?

This is a problem that often occurs and a lot of debate in decorating the bedroom. Despite being a problem that is often encountered, this problem is also difficult to solve because of many different opinions. Some like rooms with bright tones because they will make the room visually bigger. However, decorating the bedroom with dark tones isn’t as difficult as you think.

Even when decorating a bedroom with dark tones, you don’t have to pay for a contractor. You will get a bedroom idea with a dark tone that you can do yourself and still bring light into the bedroom.

Brighten Dark Bedroom With These Simple Tips

Brighten Dark Bedroom With These Simple Tips min

Bring Light Into the Room
If your room doesn’t get enough natural light, then you should think about how your bedroom will get enough light. However, don’t be too happy in giving extra light on your bedside, and then you are happy with the results! By only giving one extra light your room will create too many shadows.

And this method will only give a more sinister impression in your bedroom and when you leave the halos, you will get that your room stays dark! At least you need two or more for an additional light source in a dark room.

Nightstand lights will be a necessity that you must be in the bedroom by mounting it on the wall closest to your bed. And if you share space in the bedroom, then installing lights on each side of the room is a good choice. Add your ceiling with Fixture and lighting on the ceiling fans and you will get the double benefit from this method.

Read Lighting Ideas in the bedroom to get a suitable occupant.

Wall Color
To get the best sleep quality, you must have a room with a dark tone for you. Maybe this will be a little counterintuitive but using bright tones in the bedroom is not the answer to good sleep quality. Bright tones will make your room bigger and bigger, and they are not the answer to making a dark room brighter.

White and other bright colors give brightness and excitement to the room as they reflect incoming light. However, what about the room without the right lighting? Then you will not get reflected light. White walls in a room that is less light will make your white color fade and become gray and this will make your room dimmer.

The selection of saturated, mid-tone paint colors for the walls will give a slightly brighter impression to your room. Rooms that are dark, and provide bright colors into the room will only eliminate the existing intensity, and mid-tone colors will become darker. You need to know that, deeper colors do not need light for their best appearance.

This color will absorb the shadow, and cause your walls to be strong and add warmth to the dim bedroom. Cool colors, dim, dark green, blue, gray are good choices to get a relaxed impression in your bedroom.

Mirror with a large size in the bedroom becomes an obligation to increase lighting in the room. However, what about the bedroom with low light? Mirror in a room with low light also has a function to reflect the incoming light and will add luster to your room. Hanging a mirror on a window would be a good choice to reflect light into your room.

Use thin curtains
Bedrooms with minimal lighting will not fit into thick window curtains and window shades that block light from entering. Using sheer curtains will be the best choice for your bedroom. Thin curtains will be the choice to filter the incoming light and still maintain your privacy.

Accessories that provide contrast
In a bedroom with little lighting, your furniture and accessories will fall into darkness if you don’t pay attention to your lighting! Adding contrast to existing furniture and complementing the impression of bright and white furniture will make the light in the room more limited and provide contrast to make the room more attractive.

The room receives a little natural light is not a scary thing. The room will remain pleasant and not disturb sleep when the sun starts to dazzle.

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