Know the Characteristics of Modern Mid Century Design

Know the Characteristics of Modern Mid-Century Design

Modern Mid-Century Design

If you want to showcase sleek, timeless furniture, with a look that can instantly monopolize a room, then Modern Mid-Century Design is the answer to your problem. However, we are talking about the middle ages! This means that we have to be careful in decorating it, without being careful we will only make the room look old-fashioned. The key to this decoration is about understanding how history is like and then blending it with modern elements with ease. Modern Mid-Century Design is not just about selection, but there are several factors to pay attention to! Here’s how to create a Modern Mid-Century Design with ease and elegance.

Know the Characteristics of Modern Mid-Century Design

Know the Characteristics of Modern Mid Century Design
Know the Characteristics of Modern Mid Century Design

What Is Modern Mid-Century Design?
These terms were created in the mid-1980s, this year they represent a combination of the post-World War II look, 50’s optimism, the 60’s natural look, and a blend of 70’s era colors and textures that are used regularly. immaculate in a look that’s full of Scandinavian style and simplicity.

Rather, it is a reaction to the decadence and rigidity that graced interior design and architecture well into the 40s. With a fresh, poppy, retro-tinged, alluring look that is a comfortable and more practical look for a room. This design is simplified in a decorative style by following the function and accentuating the material used.

Why Will This Style Be the Desired Choice?

  • This look is suitable for homeowners who want a vintage style
  • It’s a fun style to decorate because it makes even small spaces livelier and more unique
  • Offers a more definite appearance of calming space, long-lasting, without spending too much
  • With his style, you will get more freedom without the limitations of minimalism or other traditional interiors.

How to Create?
The basis of Modern Mid-Century Design is rooted in the architectural value and also the furniture used. To enhance the appearance of furniture and architectural details, there are several ways you can do this:

  • Because it was present after World War II, this design will get rid of some items that are not fully functional and maintain the appearance of its original essence. Keep the texture, simple appearance, and also the durability of the design development for the appeal of the space.
  • Making use of natural elements for a luscious outdoor look, the use of wood panel walls or brick walls is the most popular.
  • Don’t forget to add characteristics by providing abstract prints, patterns, and art that are free from cultural references
  • It still has a casual, lounge feel which means you should have fun decorating (but keep it simple).

Use of Color
Just like other spatial styles, the use of existing colors is a reflection of the energy and the direction of the era itself. In mid-century design, you’ll find a choice of bright colors that are even more quirky with the optimism of the 50s. Meanwhile, the use of wood, green, orange, and other earthy colors is a reflection of the spirit of modernism in the 60-70s.

If you don’t have the original mid-century modern style, applying style to your space can be started with the use of basic colors as the foundation for Modern Mid-Century Design.

A moodier color choice with sage, orange, and rust greens for the basic living room colors, and using cheerful colors in other spaces such as light green, bright yellow, bright orange, and primary colors can be a good idea to start with.

Bohemian Interior Design Style You Must Know

Simple and formal, this style uses furniture with cleaner lines, simplicity, practicality, with a more luxurious silhouette. The choice of plastic, acrylic, and some Formica materials can be an option for your furniture to load.

If you are looking for Modern Mid-Century Design inspiration, then you will find the impression of a cheerful, abstract space, full of geometric graphics, and also retro. Bring it into the room, just like era and textile fabrication with smaller doses to avoid the kitsch approach that is too heavy.

Choosing accessories is the right way to have fun in the Mid-Century Modern Design style, you can explore the local market, thrift stores, or shop at an online store like 1st Dibs to get a wholly rare item and use it to add to your indoor look.

Window Treatments
Given that natural elements and an outdoor look are one of the elements of Modern Mid-Century Design, taking advantage of every window and letting in the light makes the most sense. Or use curtains with thin material to filter the light for a more dramatic impression.

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