Lamps for Bedroom Nightstand

How to Choose Lamps for Bedroom Nightstand

Lamps for Bedroom Nightstand

Lamps for bedroom nightstands have a dual function in the room, they are a light for the reading area and are a good source of light. With more functions and benefits that lamps for bedroom nightstands provide for bedrooms, they also have more variety of shapes to choose from. Regardless of how many lamps are for a bedroom, how wide is the lampshade, and how high the lamps for bedroom nightstands for a luxurious look? And to answer all your questions about nightstand lamps, we’ve created some of these decoration rules to help you get the best nightstand light possible!

Choose Lamps for Bedroom Nightstand

Lamps for Bedroom Nightstand
Lamps for Bedroom Nightstand

How many bedside lamps?
Basically, a lamp should be sufficiently placed on the bedside for those sleeping without a partner, and a pair of personal lights would be better for those who have a partner sleeping. However, for those of you who have a large bedroom, using a pair of lights on each side will provide a balance of appearance and lighting in the bedroom.

The lamps for the bedroom nightstand option are not intended as the main light in your room, make sure to keep another lighting such as hanging lamps, wall lamps, and maybe tracking lights. When decoration costs are considered, you can use two light sources with a nightstand and one for lighting with a floor lamp.

Width of Lamp?
The mistake that we often find in our client’s bedrooms is that they are wrong in choosing the size for the nightstand. And often we find clients using lamps for bedroom nightstands that are too small! The balance between the size of the room and the size of the lighting will provide a more elegant and balanced appearance.

The room with the mattress is more spacious, so the better lighting you will be with a wider bedside. And when you have a large nightstand, the lamp size will also be wider. Having a nightstand that is 1/3 and 2/3 the width of the mattress with a nightstand that has shade as wide as the mattress will give a perfect impression in the bedroom.

The height of the lamps for the bedroom nightstand?
The height of the nightstand light will have more of an effect on those who like reading before bedtime. Good lighting is not light that will illuminate the head area, and do not give glare to the eyes. I assume you already have a nightstand that is exactly the same height as the mattress or a few inches taller.

So, using a lamp with the same height as the nightstand plus 2 inches is better! For example, when the nightstand has a height of 22 inches, a good lamp can be 24-25 inches.

Apart from the height of the lamp to the nightstand, you should also consider how the light switch is positioned! Make sure you choose the right place to place the switch, without standing up to reach for yours. Using a nightstand light with the on / off switch right next to it is the most sensible idea.

Bedroom Nightstand Options for Small Space

What About the Lampshade?
Of course, the right choice will give your lights a balance. The height of the hood itself is at least 2/3 the height of the lamps for bedroom nightstand, measuring from the bottom edge to the base of the bulb. While the width of the lampshade is at least 2 times the widest part of the lamp. For the hood on the bedroom nightstand, you should get the hood at eye level when you sit on the bed.

The height of 2/3 of the lamp, with a width of 2 times the width of the lamp.

The option of a shade of faded white will keep the light through and illuminate the bedroom, and the use of a colored hood will add additional accents to the bedroom design. Whereas opaque hood options are options that will filter light and give you a more dramatic glow in the room.

Consider Style!
The last of the lamps for bedroom nightstand selection is by style! The choice of style on the nightstand can be based on the style of the bedroom itself, or use a nightstand with a different look. Play the shapes and motifs of the nightstand lights for a look that matches your fantasy!

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