Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet And Easy Use

Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet And Easy Use

Kitchen Faucet

The faucet may be one of the accessories that are rarely noticed by every homeowner, but in fact, the faucet in your kitchen has a high selling value when you sell the house. Even with a good tap, you will get the impression of more luxury into your kitchen. With the right selection of faucet and sink will make the decoration in your kitchen become more modern and more charming again. By selecting every inch in your kitchen you will find that your kitchen can become a room that provides more selling value for your home later.

Let’s start this discussion with how to determine the high-value faucet for your kitchen.

The deciding factors in purchasing a tap for your kitchen are several factors that you can consider before you buy a faucet to add an impression to your kitchen! Let’s get started :

Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet

Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet And Easy Use

1.  Types Of Taps There
Most of us do not know many types of faucets that are more than standard faucets, and each type of faucet has a difference in the advantages and disadvantages of your kitchen. Like the pull tap with a high neck in the kitchen with a spray head that you can take off. They are often lauded as taps with the purpose of being versatile and balanced for your kitchen. Or a pull-out tap that has a pull-down with a shorter size that will be suitable for placement in a minimalist style kitchen. The most frequently used taps are commercial-style taps, and two handles and without their touch are often found in home kitchens.

2. The design
Maybe they look in your kitchen is not something that you are too worried about. But there are some of the homeowners also assume that the kitchen will be a heart for a home that needs attention to the aesthetics in it.

The design of your kitchen is also an important part of choosing the type of faucet that fits in it. Modern style kitchens will need a touch of a more striking faucet too, of course. Maybe a big brand to be the one that you crave for your kitchen might be Delta or Moen want to put it in your kitchen. It’s a good idea to look for references that will be appropriate for your kitchen style before investing in a kitchen faucet.

3. Technology
The features of your kitchen faucet make it a choice you should consider, even the big brands are always developing for the features they offer. Mono, Delta, and Grohe always stand as the homeowner’s favorite brands because this brand always develops features from the faucet. Completion, pull-down / pull-out, spray mode, as well as leak-proof valves become a feature that is always considered for every homeowner in their faucet selection.

4. Faucet Installation
Another consideration in the selection of taps is that a lot of water holes are given, sometimes one tap only needs one hole but maybe a tap with four holes is also more effective.

If you have one hole in the sink you can add it by drilling it to add units.

Now that you know the factors in choosing a kitchen faucet, it’s time you read the type of faucet that is good for your kitchen that can be a reference in choosing a kitchen faucet that is suitable for your kitchen :

A. Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST
This type is an excellent choice for the kitchen because of the ease and luxury they provide.

The advantages of this model are:

  • Touch sensitivity in turning on and off the tap
  • Temperature Settings
  • Battery Status
  • Has anti-splash spray mode
  • Elegant design
  • Compatible with AC adapters


  • The price is quite expensive
Functional with a charming model
This series presents a design with a body of steel that is very sturdy and elegant. And provide beautiful finishing with slim chrome, classic bronze, stainless steel, and also arctic steel.
This series is truly the favorite of every homeowner in the US, they have a tap with a one-piece supply line and diamond ceramic discs. Compatible with mounting 1 or 3 holes for a more perfect look for your kitchen.
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Washing is Better
Delta Has long been creative in kitchen tap midwives that makes them know what is good and will be a favorite of homeowners. The development of Delta is also being done to continue to be ranked at the top of the kitchen faucet brand to make homeowners happy to be in their kitchen.
Water mode with Shielfspray
With this model, you can get 2 water syringes in your tap and this method is effective in cleaning your kitchen. Even this type is equipped with SHIELFSPRAY which makes cleaning and minimizing the spark easier.
Ease of life on and off the tap
One of the advantages of this type is the ease of turning on and off the tap, surely you are one of the cooks who does not want to continue the oil to the ladder from your tap is not it? Of course, this type of tap will be the choice that you will like.
They present a very smart touch technology, they can you live with a little friction with your arms or legs if you can.
Automatic shutdown
If you are in a hurry to catch up with time, this tap won’t continue to live; they will die in a matter of minutes. A very useful feature for us who are often in a hurry right?
See Lights for temperature from Water
You can adjust the temperature for your water easily, when they give blue (your water is cool), magenta (warm), and also red (your water is very hot).
To replace the battery for this tap, you can pay attention to the lights that are on in your touch mode when they blink the red when to replace it. Usually, the replacement of these lamps 2-5 years or you can use an A / C adapter with a separate purchase.
B. Moen Arbor Motionsense Pulldown
Making the kitchen more luxurious after Delta is to use Moen, and the most interesting is the 7594ESRS style which gives a good design and performance for your kitchen.
The advantage of this style is
  • they are active and turned off by hand movements
  • Has a hose up to 68 inches long
  • Very elegant design
  • Has a filter for water-sediment
  • The buildup of sediments inside the tap can cause reduced air pressure
  • expensive price
No matter what style kitchen you have, this tap will stand out very harmoniously in your kitchen. A long neck with a soft appearance makes a truly admirable final impression that brings elegance and luxury to your kitchen decor. A smooth surface makes this tap style resistant to time intervals.
Moen Motiensense comes with 2 sensors located near the base such as in the bathroom and also at the highest point of the neck.
Sensors that have high sensitivity and are easy to use will facilitate you. Even when you set the temperature of the water and rotate your faucet. Even in turning off the existing sensor, you only keep your hands in front of the sensor for 5 seconds and then the sensor will turn off. Same way when you turn it on.

68 Inch Hose
For kitchen hoses to be an important size for your area, the Moen Motionsense type is unique in the hose height by 68 inches or equivalent to 172 centimeters. With a tap head that allows you to reach every small object in your kitchen.

Effective filtering
Moen provides you with a spray mode that cleans your area and also a powerful rinse feature with Powerclean technology for the dirt on your plate.

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However, there will be a time when power clean is not as strong as before. And when that happens to check your filter, there might be some problems there.

C. Moen 7294SRS Arbor Pullout
This type is often referred to as a mini version of the Motion sense pull-down. They have a charming decoration, but this Moen has a shorter neck, but still luxurious and alluring.


  • Has a long braid hose
  • Easy installation
  • Accompanied by Escutcheon
  • Garage for life


  • Limiting the flow will affect the pressure of the existing water, it can be released.
Pull force for small sinks
This type is indeed not equipped with a luxury sensor mode like MotionSense, but this type is designed with ease of use.
You will not find any difficulty in using this type, the ease of use of the spray head and flexible docking hose will make this type pull itself when the filling or cleaning has been completed.
Cleaning power
With two spray features: cleaning, and for heavier tasks. This type will give up to 50% spray power when you get stains that are difficult to remove.
This model also provides a soft and calm burst of water that will make the water flow will not scatter to other parts of your kitchen.
Ease of installation is less than 30 minutes
You will get ease in installing and replacing this tap. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this Moen product. You will easily set and install your faucet in less than 30 minutes.

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