Clean Hardwood Floors Tricks Easily And Effectively

Clean Hardwood Floors Tricks Easily And Effectively

Clean Hardwood

How are you on your wooden floor? Yeah, smooth floors with that special TLC! But wait isn’t this the opposite? Wood flooring is a type of floor that is equipped with a polyurethane which makes this floor into a floor with durability for outdoor areas. However, maintaining the appearance of wooden floors you should always pay attention to it.

To maintain the appearance and appeal of your floor, regular cleaning will take care of the appearance of your floor. You need to know, that wooden floors are floors that are prone to wear, and especially for areas with high levels of traffic. Therefore, we have the most effective tips for cleaning your wooden floors and restoring their shiny appearance easily.

Clean Hardwood Floors Tricks

Clean Hardwood Floors Tricks Easily And Effectively
Clean Hardwood Floors Tricks Easily And Effectively

Wood Floor Cleaning

In fact, the treatment for one type of wood with another type of wood will be very different. Each type of wood has a different level of care and requires you to do several checks before cleaning your wood floor. Like, do an examination of how the level of traffic that gets your wooden floor, and after you know the level of traffic in the room you can make a maintenance schedule that you can do.

To maintain the appearance of the floor, you can do floor cleaning once a week and maintenance every once a month with consideration of how much the level of traffic in your space. You can use this method when performing treatments:

  1. For surface treatments, you can clean it using Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray. Set your spray in 3×3 size and clean the dirt with a microfiber mop.
  2. Clean the entire floor
  3. If you find stains that need to be cleaned immediately, use a damp towel and a dry cloth to clean it.


Eliminates Blisters On Wood Floors
Dirt isn’t the only thing that makes your floor look unpleasant. Like when you try to reorganize your room and move existing furniture, it might hurt your floor. Or when you use shoes indoors, and the heels of your feet leave scars on the floor. Take it easy all can be overcome by using elbow oil.
  • Eliminating the mild impact that scratches the wooden floor, you can easily scrub it using clean socks or tennis balls.
  • And heavier scratches, rubbing baking soda with a damp cloth and gently rubbing it will get rid of your scratches. Rinse and dry!
Tips for making wood floors cleaner
Leave Shoes Outside the Floor
Removing your shoes when you want to enter the wood floor area is the easiest way to leave dirt outside, with this simple method you will stop the pile of dirt in the wood floor area which causes damage to your wooden floor. The dirt under the shoe is dirt that has Abrasive properties, which will scratch your floor over time.
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Suck Regularly
For maximum removal and cleaning of the floor, you must vacuum the fine dirt between the floor and drain the floor using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum canister comes as a solution for fine dirt in the floor area of your by brushing oval and long floors to small areas of space for maximum cleanliness in the floor area.
ASAP spills
For floors that get spills, you really can’t avoid your floor from a variety of spills, but never let your wood floor get a spill that dries because it will make your floor become dull and dirt accumulates. Use a damp cloth as soon as possible to clean up any spills. And dry it with a soft cloth.

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