Common Mistakes In Home Clean That You Should Avoid

Common Mistakes In Home Clean That You Should Avoid

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How is your home? Is it clean and sparkling? There are many homeowners who tend to clean their homes by sweeping and cleaning existing dust. However, are you sure this is enough to clean your house and anticipate the germs and bacteria that are in your home?
Basically cleaning a house also has its own tricks, and without you realizing it when you clean your house there are some mistakes you can make! So what is that mistake? Let’s look at this article!


Common Mistakes In Home Clean

Common Mistakes In Home Clean That You Should Avoid
Common Mistakes In Home Clean That You Should Avoid
Repeated use of cloth
Maybe you do not realize it and you continue to do this continuously, using the same cloth and repeatedly to clean every area in your home is a big mistake! The cloth you use will accumulate dirt from one place to another and this means it will throw germs from one room to another without you knowing!
Alternatives that you can use in cleaning your area are with new tissue to clean other areas of the room or use a microfiber cloth to clean other areas. You can wash this cloth before you touch other areas to clean it.

Use a fur rag
Many say that this is an effective way of cleaning, but this is wrong! Fur won’t clean and trap dust there. But they will blow away the dust and bring it to the surface of the floor. Fur dust is famous for spreading dust around a surface or pushing it to fall to the ground, rather than removing it.

To overcome this, using a microfiber cloth is the best way to clean the dust that sticks. A little cleanser dissolved in warm water will help you clean any dusty items.

Do not clean the vacuum after use
When you use your vacuum cleaner to clean some areas, and the filter inside you haven’t cleaned the dust inside, it will reduce the vacuum from the vacuum. And this will not work as before because the dirt in the filter has accumulated which makes your vacuum not work as it should.

To overcome this, empty the bag (vacuum tube) after you use it or after the tube is full.

Put the toilet brush into the holder
Moisture and also germs you will get when the toilet brush is put into place too quickly. This area is the area where bacteria and germs multiply and they rub back when you do the next brush.

To avoid this, after you have cleaned it, make sure the brush is dry before you put it back in the holder.

Forget the sink
The sink is the area where the drain is located and the sink is the fastest place in the growth of germs and bacteria. the sink is a humid place and makes bacteria and germs grow faster.

To get maximum cleanliness in the sink, it helps you clean it after you finish your washing process.

Bottom cleaning up
Cleaning activities sweeping, mopping, and sucking dust that is not prepared will make your dust settle in other furniture areas in your home. And this will be a rework for you to do.

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You need to clean the higher area first, ventilate the windows, windows, and other higher furniture you have to sweep the dust and dirt that is there. And all the dirt and debris must end on your floor.

Spray directly to the surface
Spraying directly into the furniture area, countertops, and glass will give you a pile of dirt, and make oily furniture and surface, and also stains. Dust and dirt will stick stronger!

To do a good cleaning is when you use a microfiber cloth and spray your cleaning liquid on the cloth before using it to clean the surface.

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