Complete Living Room Lighting Ideas

The living room or family room is the room that has the most complete activity in all the spaces you have. Play, watch TV, relax, read, and even eat or drink. The room is full of activities that we always do every day and spaces that unite us with our family and also our guests. Lighting planning is a plan that you must do well and seriously to make a comfortable impact in your space. Lighting ideas will come from various angles to light up your room. Let’s study this article and apply it in your living room, to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in your living room.

Lights For Living Room
Complete Living Room Lighting Ideas

Placing a table lamp in your living room will create general lighting, accent, and also a task. Apart from giving more light in your living room, they can also be a stylish additional accessory in your living room. The 3-way dimmer switch is an illuminating intensity that will control the light on your desk.

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The appearance of the table lamp will attract your attention when you put it on the end of your couch with 2 lamps that have the same shape and harmonious for lighting.

To display a more modern and relaxed style, you can place two lights at the end of your sofa with different lighting styles. Remember when you place a lamp on your desk, don’t wait until your lamp shade exceeds the width of your desk. It would be very disappointing if your tabletop was floating.

Lamp cover ideas: Ideas for a lampshade, you can choose a lamp with a transparent cover or with a material that is not transparent. When you choose a transparent lampshade, you will feel the soft light that illuminates your living room will flow.

However, also your lamp cover made of thick/opaque you will get a dramatic impression for lighting in your space. Dark shades will create a dramatic impression, we recommend a dark hood to add a handshake effect to your living room.

Floor lamps also provide the same lighting like table lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps will collaborate well in your living room. They have amazing effects on your living room.

A floor lamp that is balanced on one side of your living room is a good choice for combining the vision of two people opening a conversation.

Metal floor lamps are a pleasant choice for reading lamps, and also floor lamps with torchiere floor lamps will illuminate your walls and ceiling well.

The chandelier gives a good statement by highlighting a special area in your room. Placing the chandelier above the furniture will be the main attraction for your furniture which is illuminated by the chandelier itself.

Tips for placing a chandelier: is by measuring your space first Add the width and length of the room to the size of inches. If you have a room of 20 + 20, then you must use a chandelier around 40 inches in your space.

Light on the wall will add to the impression that surrounds a room. When using a dimmer in your room you will feel the warmth that surrounds you.

A wall lamp is a lighting that also becomes an awesome work of art in your space. It will be the accent and accessories to complete your space. Placing it around your wall art decor, or around your mirror is the right choice.

Lighting with cables will show a warm impression if you combine it with your fireplace, it will be very suitable for your space with a modern style. This lighting will lead to a place that you want to show off.

Lighting that gives a subtle impression to the living room is suitable to be built on the edge, will make a beautiful impression that continuously sweeps your ceiling.

This lighting is not used for primary lighting but rather as additional lighting in your space.

Using a dim switch that can be set is a good lighting plan for you, you can adjust the lighting in your space according to your mood. Not just adjusting to your mood, Dimmer can also save expenses and also your lighting.

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