Bathroom style options come with a variety of options to consider, and one of the most popular styles is the contemporary bathroom!

For those of you who want to create a bathroom with a neat and contemporary feel with clean lines and minimal decoration, then contemporary bathroom design ideas are the right choice for you.

We have summarized contemporary bathroom design ideas from key elements, color palette choices, bathroom fittings, and also the final result! Keep scrolling for more inspiration on contemporary styles in the bathroom.

About Contemporary bathroom design ideas

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 100% Work

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 100% Work

A bathroom with a contemporary style is a bathroom with a sleek impression and feels contemporary, this bathroom comes with a smoother surface and is equipped with clean lines. Having a renewable look is one of the hallmarks of this bathroom! When decorating it, there are several must-have elements:

  • A freestanding bathtub
  • Hardware with a minimalist look
  • Shower area with glass
  • Floating dressing table with drawers and flat panel doors
  • Complete with items with renewable results!

Basically, the style of this bathroom is indeed a style that breaks the rules, and when decorating it make sure you don’t have decorations with the impression of weight and traditional shapes in it.

Slender vanity

The first contemporary bathroom design idea is to present a dressing table with a simple and sleek shape without additional accents (in the form of ornaments). You can use a floating vanity with the addition of an under-mount sink, an additional marble or quartz counter.

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Use of contrasting colors

To create a strong contrast in a contemporary bathroom, you can use white and black tones in the room. However, there are some great ways to put them into practice!

  • Use high-contrast tones like black, white, or charcoal
  • Creates a neutral look that feels sophisticated with taupe, mushroom tones, ivory, and also dove gray
  • Bolder accent tones with navy, firefighter red, yellow, gold and teal.

Use a Minimalist Faucet

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 100% Work

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 100% Work

The next contemporary bathroom design is to present a faucet with a minimalist impression. The trick you can try is to install a sleek faucet with high technology in every area of the bathroom, including the bathtub, shower panel, smart controls, and so on.


Using a tub with claw feet or a footbed is too complicated a choice for a contemporary style bathroom! Contemporary bathroom design ideas that you can apply are with a modern bath with a clean impression that is used as a focus on the bathroom.

An equally charming idea is that with a partially stand-alone bathtub, its use will increase the accessibility of your room.

Shower Area with Glass

Contemporary bathroom design ideas with a glass shower area will give a bathroom that feels elegant and simple. This option is an excellent and sensible idea for a contemporary-style bathroom!

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 100% Work

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 100% Work

You can create a shower area with sliding doors or create one with an open glass panel without a door. And to maintain privacy, the choice of glass with texture or frosted glass can be considered.

Use statement tiles

Options for using tiles in the bathroom can be done by choosing neutral tiles to colored tiles. However, the choice remains based on your preference for the color spectrum! In contemporary bathroom design ideas, tiles are the most sensible choice to perfect the design in your bathroom.

You are free to choose tiles, from neutral tiles, with patterns, or with elegant colors!

Use of mirror

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 100% Work

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 100% Work

For the use of mirrors, contemporary bathrooms will appear more elegant with the use of frameless mirrors or with a mirror that looks minimalist (slim). Clean lines and light reflection from the mirror, will increase the charm of your bathroom.

Whatever shape of mirror you choose, make sure it has a minimalistic or borderless look!

The final result!

The key to the success of these contemporary bathroom design ideas is simplicity. Contemporary bathrooms will come with some sleek details! The use of clean towels, soft rugs, stools with a modern look, and bathroom accessories that look neat is an obligation for you.

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