Mediterranean Garden

This cold weather is a suitable time to plan our dream garden. How is your garden? Do they look a little shabby? lacking freshness or even you just moved to a place where your garden needs a change? Whatever the condition of the park, collecting garden decoration ideas can be a start for change in the coming spring. The idea of a Mediterranean garden is a mixture of classic, rustic furniture and colorful planting in a Mediterranean garden and garden decoration that would be suitable for Europeans.

The Mediterranean-style garden gives the impression of a relaxed and informal garden and has a look that is familiar with the weather that brings out memories of your vacation and family. The Mediterranean garden puts pressure on outdoor life with a relaxed and comfortable sitting area.

Decorating a Mediterranean garden is a wonderful way to make you and your family spend more time relaxing in the garden in the summer, and this relaxed style makes it easy to care. How do you want a Mediterranean-style garden in your yard? Here are some ideas for creating your dream garden:

Create Your Mediterranean Garden Design With This Easy Idea

Create Your Mediterranean Garden Design With This Easy Idea 1

Create your garden scheme; The best garden with the right place to start the garden design in any style is by choosing the type of garden that you will place.

What about the placement of colored flowers with terracotta pots and some vines on your wall? The Mediterranean garden will display ascent as good as the view that your garden shows. So the choice of colors and plants that stop in the garden is something you should do.

Olive trees are a way to show decorations with a classic feel, and also this tree will be very good with various sizes and shapes. Even this tree you can make as a focal point in the park by using pots in large sizes.

In addition to using olive trees, you can use other plants that show a classic impression in your garden with these plants:


  • Herbal Plants: Lavender or Rosemary, herbs are also a good choice to provide soothing colors and aroma in your area. Plant your Lavender along the entrance to give the impression of inviting and enticing fragrance.
  • Palm: Palm tree gives the impression of a very strong beach in your home. Trees that need shelter from areas that are too open and some require you to protect them from temperatures lower than 0 degrees Celsius.
  • Red Hot Poker: This unique plant is one of the plants that is often planted for Mediterranean garden areas because they give a striking color to the garden and give the impression of a warm area.
  • Bougainvillea: Garden with pink flowers will be an attraction for you, this flower grows with a charming and charming pink color.
  • Geranium: Flowers that are suitable to be placed in the area of pots and pots in this window, come in a variety of attractive colors to the garden area with the impression of green and terracotta in your garden.
In addition to the above plants, you can also bring plants with durability from drought and plants that require drainage that is not too high. If you have clay, you can dig up lots of organic matter and use horticultural grits for your drainage. Sure also provides a hole under the pot to facilitate the flow of water.
Pergolas and Water; When using a Mediterranean-style garden, the function and protection of elements with shade and cooling water form an obligation for your garden. In the Mediterranean, plants need an area that allows them to protect themselves from the sun’s heat. And this area will be part of your park, pergolas and canopies will probably always be near them.
With a good pergola arrangement, you will get protection from the wind and give you more privacy. Pergola covered with colored vines such as jasmine is a wise choice to add to the attractiveness of your pergola.
The Mediterranean-style garden will grow tall and make the area more charming. Luxurious vines and canopies will be an attraction for your garden with an amazing impression. And the water feature is a charming addition and a feature to avoid dry landscaping.
Backyard Ideas Are More Comfortable
Adding a fountain with a small basin mounted on the wall will provide a pampering sound in your garden area, and a small ornamental pond will be a soothing decoration. However, if you don’t want the water feature in the area you can use bright blues with color schemes and pots to give a warm terracotta tone. Giving the color of a pergola in the garden with a blue and white tone can also perfect your garden.


Paving; The harsh landscape is part of the Mediterranean garden decoration, which has a bright color in the garden area. This style uses almost no grass and replaces it with gravel or paving. And it becomes a charming choice for smaller spaces and avoids something complicated for maintenance.
Paving with warm tones: pink and red, or pebbles and natural stones will be a good choice in your garden!
Make your paved area softer by using plants to cover the soil area at the edge of the paving area and add a little gravel to add a dramatic impression to your garden. Also, add a few pots with colors and also a large terracotta pot to fill your garden area.
Mosaic becomes an additional charming touch and spreads to the paving area. Using the mosaic feature with paving, and fountains can be the center of your Mediterranean garden decoration.
Create a sitting area; The finishing touch of the Mediterranean decoration in the garden area is to create a sitting area and enjoy your garden. Without a sitting area in the garden can destroy your Mediterranean decor, so making a sitting area in the garden is a must for you.
Because the essence of making this garden is to enjoy the parking area when you eat there. Without a sitting area in the garden, your decoration will be destroyed instantly!

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