The bathroom is one of those limited spaces, and often has never enough storage space! However, with its limitations, the bathroom is also a room with a never-ending morning to night routine.

Given the existing size, having creative storage for small bathrooms is the best way to increase the sense of comfort in the bathroom. Having the right storage is the most powerful and works better than a complete bathroom makeover which can be costly!

So, what are the creative storage ideas for small bathrooms? Keep scrolling and get more inspiration.

Storage in the Medicine Cabinet

It’s a good time to increase the storage capacity of the wall cabinets in your bathroom! A creative storage idea for a small bathroom that you can try is to use a magnetic memo board in the door to create a storage center for small items as well as some beauty products.

Creative Storage for Small Bathroom Must Try 3

Creative Storage for Small Bathroom Must Try

You can use a container as well as a thin magnetic hook to hold your belongings, or you can also use a magnet on the back of a cosmetic product which will make it stickable to the door.

When you use this method, be sure to pay attention to what you post! Make sure the door can still be closed properly.

Towel rack

Making the most of the vertical area is the best way to give a small bathroom more space. A shelf or unique wall-mounted storage with an open cube is a great idea for storing additional towels, washcloths, and various other small bath items.

To make it handle a variety of items, you can roll up the existing towels and make them cover the slots in your hanging rack.

Hanging Basket

This one is included in DIY storage for small bathrooms because it is one of the inexpensive solutions, and is easy to install. Using a hanging basket is also a creative storage idea for small bathrooms because you can store various small items and extra towels there!

The raised side makes it easier to store some lotion and towels, while the open-top area gives you easier accessibility. Installation is also very easy! You just need to stick a nail that goes through the woven basket and hammer it into the wall.

Separate Storage

If you have trouble looking for items in the drawer, try to sort the items and store them in a special place! The next creative storage for small bathrooms is to use items that stand alone and are placed next to the vanity.

This method will make it easier for you to store various items at once and also make it easier for you to find them without having to open a drawer.

Adhesive hooks for multiple items

There is a strategic place to store some toiletries such as combs, hairdryers, brushes, and so on! Yes, it is on your other side of the door. This creative storage idea for small bathrooms only requires adhesive hooks on the door and you can keep various tools neat and organized at all times.

In fact, this method will make it easier to reinvent your tools! It doesn’t cost a lot; you only need adhesive or hooks. Easy right?

Bathroom organizer

Using the shower organizer not only works in your main bathroom, but it can also empty the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom. Try to choose a wire shower organizer that can combine multiple storages such as baskets as well as shelves.

Creative Storage for Small Bathroom Must Try 1

Creative Storage for Small Bathroom Must Try

This way, you can use it to store some products or as a place to dry towels after use. What you need to pay attention to is to keep the hook hanging in a place that is easy to reach!

Cleaning Supplies Area

To store a variety of cleaning products, try to make use of the area under your sink cabinets! The area under the sink is a spacious area that can be used to maintain various bathroom cleaning supplies. You can also add multilevel organizers to take advantage of the existing vertical area.

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Use Magnetic Strips

Have metal items? So, using a magnetic strip on the inside of a cupboard or on the side of the table can make it easier for you to find hair clips, nail clippers, and other metal items. This method will keep the metal item in place until you need it again.

Mirror with multiple duties

The two-in-one mirror is creative storage for small bathrooms that you shouldn’t forget! When the mirror is closed, you can mirror and make up easily and when you open the door, you can attach various maintenance items inside. Practical right?

Special storage of cleaning products

Consider using file folders on a wall or magazine rack for extra storage in your small bathroom! This item can be creative storage for small bathrooms that are used to treat various cleaning products.

Hang it on the side of the dresser or on the inside of a cabinet, to make it look more attractive you can use a label for each file. And this method will also make it easier for you to organize.

By using the creative storage for small bathroom ideas above, you can maximize the appearance of an existing small bathroom. In fact, the ideas above won’t eat up much of your Budget so take it easy!