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Many homeowners assume that dark paint will not be good for their space. And they prefer bright tones for rooms like white, pastel, and other neutral tones. However, the use of dark tones is not always wrong because you can get an airy, glamorous, and contemporary impression for your room. To get this look with dark tones, you only need to do color balancing on the walls of the room.
A simple trick to making a room with dark walls feels amazing is to keep your ceiling in a white tone. The use of white tones on the ceiling will open the room and make it feel roomy for each side of the room, this also applies to the tone of your floor!
To get the look of dark tones in the bedroom, you can use the following dark tone options.

Dark Color Options For Bedrooms

Dark Color For Bedrooms
Dark Purple
To get a dramatic look with a contemporary touch, you can use a dark purple color in your room. Use clean scratch on the bed, and patterns on wall art that use contrast to get a dazzling look. To balance the dark purple tones in your bedroom, you can use more white tones to accent the room. White tones in the room will reduce Claustrophobia, and provide reflected lighting that makes the room feel bigger.
The use of walls with dark tones is often blasphemed and considered an unpleasant choice for the room. However, when you understand and find the key in darkroom decor, even a small room will look more spacious. The use of dark tones gives the illusion of the eyes and makes the room feel deeper.
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The use of rich brown tones and giving a warm look to the room is mixed with a white ceiling, and the white bed will blend well and make the room feel more open and airy.
The use of bright red tones in the room will give a stimulating impression, but when you use the maroon red tones in the room the appearance that appears is dramatic and makes you get comfortable for a comfortable night’s sleep. Limit accents to rooms with artwork, or use a bed with contrast! While the use of ceiling equipment will be a counterweight in the dark wall tones.
Black Charcoal
Black is the darkest color tone that is horrifying for your room. However, when you use black tones well, this is not scary at all! You can display a contemporary or industrial look with black tones in your room, add metal accents, carved lighting, and also some other touches such as the use of zebra tones on your furniture. Get a more pleasant look for the bedroom with black tones in it!
Dark green
Want to add spice to the room or a nice guest room but nothing special? The solution is as simple as one gallon of dark paint in your favorite green hue. This room has a lot of rustic charm. But imagine that without a strong green wall: funny, but it doesn’t have “wow!” that bold colors inspire. If you want the most decorating bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat the impact of a fresh, dark coat. Match the bed or artwork, and you can’t go wrong.
To use the look of dark tones without having to look modern, you can use navy colors for your room. The use of natural wood furniture, metal tones, plastic, and mirror pieces will combine well and display a pleasant vibe for your bedroom. The use of wood tones will balance the contemporary appearance with the walls with thick paint. The use of traditional furniture does not always give you a boring look, with a navy tone you will create a fully comfortable room for a good night’s sleep!
So, when you want the bedroom look with dark tones. Make sure you balance the colors in the room because color balancing is the key to success in using dark tones in your bedroom.

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