Kitchen Lighting

Setting the lights in the kitchen as well as setting in another room, the kitchen also requires a balance in lighting to make kitchen users safe and can also complete preparations without obstacles in your kitchen. The kitchen is also the room with the highest level of traffic in your home, no wonder lighting should be a matter of concern to make the kitchen safe in every situation. The right combination of lighting will make kitchen arrangements more fun and safe! General lights, accents, assignments, spotlights for the island, and LEDs under the cabinets are a choice to make your kitchen safe and comfortable.

We have an idea to include lighting in your kitchen to display a modern and luxurious impression for your kitchen! Let’s try it.

Luxurious Kitchen Lighting

Luxury Kitchen Lighting

Give lighting for the three types of lights that should be in your kitchen:

1. Ambient; This type will be the main light in your kitchen, which served as a source of light in the kitchen or become lighting that helps your kitchen get additional light. You can put as much as you want for this type of lighting the most common is with chandeliers, recessed lamps, and also flush mounts.

2. Tasks; Although your main lighting is enough to provide light in your room, sometimes they still leave shadows that will affect areas that require more focus points in your room. With this lighting, the surface and also the work cabinet can be illuminated so well that it makes it easier for you to prepare food, read recipes, and also take your food.

3. Accent; Kabiner lights, and other lamps that feature favorite elements in your kitchen are good choices that allow you to cross the room from ambient to task without having to trip over the carpet or furniture.

Light your island
Kitchen Island becomes a place oriented with task lights where you will use your island to make preparations, read recipes, or even eat. Use a combination of downlighting and recessed chandeliers that allow you to have a place with the highest lighting on your island. Or you might also consider using a mini pendant for the top of the island that you use to eat and hang out. For mounting pendants on the island, you should consider mounting a pair of pendants on your island with a distance of 30 inches from the center of the island which has 30-32 between the table and the bottom of your pendant.

The lighting under the cabinet is the task and accent functions
The use of ambient lighting that provides full navigation on each side of your kitchen. But what about the shadow under your closet? The bottom of your cabinet often leaves shadows that disturb your work area and even in areas that need more focus. Using lighting that is located under the cupboard, the surface, and also your work area will make each of your areas well lit which makes it easy for you to make preparations and also collect food.

How To Decorate Kitchen Island Becomes More Charming

You can look for professionals to consult for lighting in your kitchen, sizes, materials, and also lighting that will be suitable for your kitchen. Options for lighting under your cabinet may include:

  • Strip Lighting: Which will be versatile and captivating to illuminate your cabinet, and will be even better for low cabinet lighting which often gets blocked for lighting. This lamp can also be a good choice when you use it for lighting at the bottom of your cabinet.
  • Puck Lighting: This round or oval shape lamp is very charming and makes a calmer mood that will illuminate the part of your table with a nice clam shape.

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