Dining Room Feng Shui Colors Selection for Positive Energy

Dining Room Feng Shui Colors Selection for Positive Energy

Dining Room Feng Shui Colors

The dining room is one of the social spaces in the house, just like the living room and family room, the dining room also has a flow of energy for feng shui. However, this room has more potential to be more intimate because of the involvement between mealtimes with other family members. A feng shui dining room should have a welcoming appearance that is comfortable and encourages conversation and eating more! The dining room feng shui colors are a factor in playing the atmosphere in the dining room while complementing the atmosphere of the room.

As we all know, color has the potential to play with the mood and emotions of space usage. In feng shui, the use of color aims to give a feeling of relaxation, calm, and happiness! With nuances like this, dining will be more enjoyable and satisfying. There are several elements that are linked together to bring health and joy to feng shui! The feng shui color dining room tends to be warm and cozy. Moreover, red and orange are often the colors of choice in feng shui dining room choices! You can learn about dining room color considerations for feng shui below!

Dining Room Feng Shui Colors Selection for Positive Energy
Dining Room Feng Shui Colors Selection for Positive Energy

Dining Room Feng Shui Colors Use Positive Colors
The best feng shui color dining room choice is to use colors that give a more relaxed, calm, and cheerful appearance! Colors will make room users more positive and freer from stress. By using color tones like this, you will have a more satisfying dining time!

Choosing a color with orange and red makes for a really great idea because it plays on emotions and gives the user an appetite for space. Or you could consider using colors like gold (honey), raspberry, maroon, burgundy, salmon, carat, terra cotta, gold, and copper.

The use of red or orange tones can be too strong a choice for a room! These tones will raise emotions as well as heartbeat! When using it in the dining room, a better option is to use an accent wall and combine it with existing neutral tones.

Dining Room Feng Shui Colors In Open concept?
The use of open floor plans is a trend these days, but not good enough for feng shui! When using an open floor plan, you must identify each space! When the dining room and living room are one, using the separator visually is a great thing to do.

Use color to zone in it! As well as choosing a different color tone or using colored rugs under the table, as well as a strategic tinge of color on the walls will be a way to differentiate the space in an open concept!

Identification is very important in an open concept, especially when you want to present a feng shui vibe to it.

Dining Room Feng Shui Colors Choices That Evoke Your Appetite
Color has a lot of impacts! You already know that red and orange are the 2 best colors for the dining room because these colors will give hunger to the user of the space. And when using these two colors, you also have to be careful, right? The key to the success of its use is to use a neutral tone to keep the balance of the space intact and a sense of comfort and comfort.

Feng Shui Dining Room Ideas Will Make Happiness

The choice of dining room feng shui colors must always be balanced to give a cheerful and bright appearance, but you must remain calm and have an earthy feel! Bright splashes of color can be used on fingernails, dining chairs, or on rugs. The use of color is not always on the walls, but also on decorative items in the room.

Feng shui dining rooms often use neutral earth-inspired tones for various surfaces such as walls, or the surface area of the table. The most common choices are pink, cream, yellow, and peach. Meanwhile, gray tones appear as a contemporary neutral color that is more appealing and allows occupying the rest of the interior. And if the amount of light is supportive, the green and light blue options are also perfect for your feng shui dining room!

Do not exaggerate For Dining Room Feng Shui Colors
In determining dining room feng shui colors, you must adjust the intensity of the colors! A warm atmosphere should continue to flow for conversation in the dining room. Excessive use of bright colors can destroy the serenity in the dining room. And if bright colors must exist in the dining room, then you can use them in small accessories such as centerpieces, curtains, and some other textiles in the dining room.

Top 5 Dining Room Feng Shui Colors

  • Lavender Dining Room Feng Shui Colors: This color will give a nice atmosphere to a feng shui dining room! It uses lavender with a combination of green and brown wood for a turbulent look, as well as additional yellow accents for the earthly earth element.
  • Invigorating sage: This hue gets really refreshing with wood elements that are ideal for southeast and eastern dining spaces. Green walls in combination with dark floors will provide a contrast to light-colored furniture. You can make the look more dramatic by pairing it with dark green accents or other wood elements like chocolate and chestnut.
  • Rose Becomes Stimulation for Chi: This color has a subtle hint of red that is great for chi in feng shui. Adding pale green and brown accents to the main color will balance it out and make it more calming.
  • Buff Color for a Calming Flow of Energy: The sand tone look is a completely serene choice for the dining room especially in the direction of the earth element (southwest and northeast). This color also makes the space more visually dramatic. Top it off in tones of a dark stained wood floor with a layer of a sandy red rug, dark brown furniture for the contrast, and yellow for a striking accent.
  • Warm peach: This color provides a soft, warm feel for a soothing dining room ambiance. Choices with darker or lighter tones of this color will give a monochromatic impression in this southern sector dining room. Dark brown for accents or for contrasting tones make a great choice for the fire element!

To enhance the feng shui look of your dining room, you can add a few accent colors. Choices based on the desired atmosphere and paying attention to interest and depth of space must be made! Use tablecloths, placemats, napkins, wall art, baseboards, and other items that have the potential to accent and color the main dining room.

Avoid using the water element in the dining room! Black and blue are colors that contain the water element, and this element is considered too stimulating for the dining area. When choosing dining room feng shui colors, make sure to use colors that evoke an emotional response of warmth as well as joy as this will give your dining room a good feng shui level!

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