Lighting is one element that supports the attractiveness of space, as well as for the dining room. The selection of lights cannot be done only on the basis of “fad” or “trial and error”. There are several things that must be understood before choosing a lamp for the dining room.

This dining room lighting guide will teach you how to choose lighting that is entirely comfortable and lends itself to your personal style appeal. In the dining room, the selection of lights is not just lighting that is focused on the dining table, but you also need lighting in several other areas. Here’s a dining room lighting guide that you can practice right!

Lighting Above the Dining Table

Lighting Above the Dining Table

Lighting Above the Dining Table

Ambient lighting is a type of lighting that is placed on the table with the aim of lighting every corner of the room. In this case, you must know the size of the dining room so that you can choose lighting that spreads thoroughly to every corner of the room.

If you have a dining area with small corners, then the use of long pendants and flush stands in various sizes will work well for you. As for a large dining room, presenting a chandelier can create a great focal point there.


A pendant on the table can create a statement and give the impression of a space that feels more modern, but for open space or with a larger size. You can use 2-3 pendants to complete the look.


A dining room lighting guide with chandeliers can be started by paying attention to the size of the room and the dining table. And in the selection, you can use a lamp with a diameter of at least half or 2/3 of the size of the dining table.

Flush Mount

Each choice of fixtures you have to align with the size of the table and dining room. The addition of a flush in a small dining room can increase the appearance of the room to be more elegant. In fact, you only need a flush that hangs flush with the ceiling to give the impression that the space feels wider than it actually is. While the use of a semi-flush-mount can give the appearance of a space that feels more intimate.

Choice of shade space

Choice of shade space

Choice of shade space

The next dining room lighting guide is to choose the right style, size, and shade to get the right emission for your dining room. The choice that can be considered is a vintage-inspired fixture to metal which seems modern.


The use of linen fabric presents more inviting lighting and is perfect for the dining room, the use of linen as a type of ambient type makes the look more dramatic and it feels soothing.


The choice of clear glass material has an impact that illuminates the space with bright light and a comprehensive spread. You can choose a glass fixture with filament bulbs to perfect the charm of the dining room.


This one material will make the existing light focus more on the lower area, and give a look that feels more intimate. This SAT choice is an ideal idea for low lighting on the dining table as a type of accent.

Opal glass

The lighting feature with Opal Glas will provide more bright light for your dining room. This feature comes with lighting that spreads even up to 360 degrees.

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Determination of sky lighting

Determination of sky lighting Dining Room

Determination of sky lighting Dining Room

In order for you to find maximum fixture lighting in the dining room, especially for the choice of ceiling features such as hanging lights or pendants, there are a few steps you have to do.

  1. Measurement Diameter: This is a simple formula that works very well when you determine the size of the dining room ceiling feature. You simply add the length and width of the dining room and change to inches, for example, length of the dining table 15 + 10 = 25m, so the diameter of the feature you need is 25 inches.
  2. Distance: In order for lighting, it has the perfect impact on the dining room, you must ensure the right height of the feature mount. Give the right distance from the table surface and also your lighting feature. In order for lighting to flow optimally, at least you must have a distance of 30 inches.

Accent Lighting For Dining Room

Accent Lighting For Dining Room

Accent Lighting For Dining Room

Accent-type lighting around the dining table is an addition to consider because this lighting will provide a warm and more inviting lighting emission. Features that you can consider include:

  1. Sconce: This is a feature that emits warm lighting and presents a more inviting impression of space. Put it on the sideboard and make it a highlight of the wall art is the perfect idea to try!
  2. Table lamp: If you have a small dining area, consider inserting a table lamp with at least 32 inches on the side table or sideboard to increase the texture and emit your personal style. So that the features are not dazzling, you must remember the height of the dining table holder, and make sure to have an eye-high shade.

The dining room lighting guide above will help you to create a more charming and perfect lighting flow in the dining room, so before you buy the lighting feature it’s good to read the guide above!

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