Dining Room Lighting Ideas for a More Comfortable Look

Dining Room Lighting Ideas for a More Comfortable Look

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

The choice of lighting has always been a factor in increasing the quality and attractiveness of every home, especially for the dining room. Lighting in the dining room will be the best way to play the atmosphere. Besides playing the atmosphere of the room, the right lighting in the dining room is also a functional light to illuminate every mouthful of your side dish. Everyone doesn’t like to eat in dim lighting, right? These dining room lighting ideas will make the lighting in your dining room even better and also enhance the look of the dining room!

What’s more, the dining room is an area where it is used more often at night which makes it best given a dramatic look with existing lighting fixtures. Thus, these dining room lighting ideas will help you create a more romantic dining atmosphere for you!

Dining Room Lighting Ideas More Comfort

Dining Room Lighting Ideas for a More Comfortable Look
Dining Room Lighting Ideas for a More Comfortable Look

The first lighting consideration is with pendants, this lighting will give a more modern appearance when placed on the top of the dining table. In a larger space or in an open-concept space using a pendant with more fixtures is better than a pendant as a focal point.

The development of the times is rapidly becoming pendants come with more looks and styles to choose from. You can get more pendant options to enhance the look of the dining room.

Almost the same as a pendant, a pendant lamp that is installed in a row above the dining table surface will provide better light. When choosing a chandelier, it’s a good idea to use a lamp with a diameter of 1/2 or 2/3 of the length of the dining table. And if you want a modern look, you might consider using a wider chandelier over a square table while for a round table using a crystal chandelier, the globe pendant will look more harmonious!

For those with small dining rooms, you might consider a flush mount. This lamp is a fixture choice that will unite the space with the ceiling of the room. You can hang it at full height or on a semi-flush. Selection considerations are the same as with chandeliers and pendants, considering the size of the room is the best way to bring it in.

Elegant Dining Room Design Ideas

Apart from the choice of the dining room lighting fixture, you also have to consider the choice of the right shade. The choice of shade for lighting can be differentiated into several options:

  • Linen, with a charming (more dramatic) lighting result. Apart from coming in many color choices, linen with a bright appearance will give the room a smoother and brighter light, while to create a romantic feel you can use linen in a darker color.
  • Glass, dining room lighting ideas with glass shade will provide a brighter light intensity for every inch of your room. The clear rich type can be combined with a filament bulb for a more attractive lighting result.
  • Opal glass, for those who want to get more even lighting you, can use an opal glass shade. This glass has 360-degree lighting with better lighting than clear glass.
  • Metal, the use of metal shading will make the light focused and shone on the area below. With this shade, you’ll get smoother and better-focused lighting as well. As well as being good for shade, the metal appearance itself will be a special attraction for a dining room lighting fixture.

Apart from the fixture and shade, the next dining room lighting idea is to take measurements of the room fixture you will use. This balance of options is based on:

1. Diameter
To get a completely elegant look for your dining room lighting ideas, you need to get the right diameter for the dining room lamp by adding the length and width of the space in feet, then converting it to inches. For example, if you have a room that measures 15×10 feet then (15 + 10 = 25 feet), then the diameter of your lamp is 25 inches.

2. Length
In addition to the size of the fixture, you should also calculate the length of the ceiling to get the right shade (amount fixture). And for the bottom of the pendant should be 30 inches from the surface of the dining table. Make sure you are the right height! Because this will be a basic benchmark for the distribution of lighting in the dining room.

These dining room lighting ideas are the basis for considering the type of lighting and also how to get the most appropriate size for your lighting type.

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