Dining Room Table Sizes

Many dining tables come in standard sizes, just like other furniture in your room. In addition to the standard size dining table, it also provides many choices of styles, but if you look closely, the height of the dining table is not much different from one another. Still, the dining room table size is a benchmark that determines the appearance of your room, that’s why some considerations must be made.

There are several factors that will help you find the best dining table size for each size available. From the size of the dining area, many people will occupy it, and how the shape of the table itself will be the basis for selecting the dining room table size.

Although many standard sizes of industrial furniture can be used as guidelines in choosing, measuring the space and furniture that is brought into it will give you a slick appearance. In fact, making a dining table is not always the same, from one manufacturer to another, it can vary. for that, we made this article to make it easier for you to make choices.

Dining Room Table Size Considerations

Dining Room Table Size Considerations for the Right Choice

Dining Room Table Size Considerations for the Right Choice

Height of the Table
The shape and size of the dining table come in a variety of shapes, although the dining table comes at a fairly consistent height. In choosing a dining table, you must determine a specific height to make the table work well for the dining room itself. The dining table option is high enough to provide ample knee space when there are people gathered together without having to bump into each other. And ensuring the size of the table is not too high for comfort, it is with this consideration that many dining tables come with a height of 28-30s inches from floor to the table surface.

As for the informal dining table, you will get a height that is almost the same as the height of the kitchen table, or about 36 inches. This table is often used for an informal dining area which has a separate space there.

Standard Size Round Dining Table
Rounded options often come with a more comfortable atmosphere than rectangular tables, round tables being an easier option to gaze at one another and chat with all dining room users without having to cyanize their necks. However, unfortunately, the round option will not be suitable for those with large family members or for a dinner with more guests. However, if the room is more spacious or the table size is bigger you should slightly increase your speaking volume. There are several standards for the choice of a round dining table with sizes:

  • 36-44 Inches Diameter for 4 people
  • 44-54 Inches Diameter for 4-6 people
  • 54-70 inches in diameter for 6-8 people.

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Standard Oval Table Size
For those looking to accommodate more people in the dining room, the option with a leafy round table can work better to provide additional sizes to expand or shrink the size of your table. However, the option with an oval table is no less interesting! Oval-shaped tables are better in shape and make a more reasonable choice for accommodating more users, making it even a better choice for smaller dining areas. There are several standard options for an oval dining table:

  • You can get tables 36-45 inches in diameter with leaves to create additional width from the table
  • For the oval shape, you can use a diameter of 36 inches by a length of 56 inches for the placement of 4-6 people
  • 36 inches in diameter and 72 inches long for an area with 6-8 people dining
  • And 36 inches in diameter by 82 inches in length for a dining area with 8-10 people.

Dining room table size for square shape
dining room table size with a square shape has more disadvantages and also advantages than other shaped tables. This table allows any room user to sit close together for an intimate dinner and close to one another. However, if you have a family member or plan to include more than 4 people, you are better off using a rectangular counter instead of a square. Apart from accommodating more people, the option with a square table is not suitable for narrow areas.

  • Tables with sizes 33 to 36 inches will be an option to accommodate 4 people.

Dining Room Table Size for Rectangular Shape
Of all the shapes available, the rectangular option is the most common choice for any dining room. This table will take up more area, and is not suitable for narrow areas. More often used in areas with elongated and narrow spaces. This table also comes with leaves to change the size.

  • Your choice of a dining area with 4 people will be 36 inches wide by 48 inches long
  • For 4-6 people you can use 36 inches by 60 inches in length
  • And for eight people you can use 36 inches by 78 inches long

To determine your dining room table size, you should not only consider how many people will occupy your room but also about the size and shape of the room.

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