Consideration DIY Bathroom Storage You Must Try

5 Consideration DIY Bathroom Storage You Must Try

DIY Bathroom Storage

We know what a minimalist homeowner feels with his small bathroom, which only has a small storage area. Storage is a major challenge in any small space, including the bathroom. We have several DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas to help you optimize storage in your small space.

Not a few of the small space owners always complain about how they store various items, the most common problem in small spaces is storage. Because the small bathroom will have a limited floor area to put the cabinet or store a variety of furniture.

Thus, we recommend you to glance at the vertical angles in the room. Take advantage of that angle and make the bathroom more optimal with its vertical storage. The bathroom is very small though you can get decent storage when you do this optimization.

DIY Bathroom Storage

Consideration DIY Bathroom Storage You Must Try

Watch the sink
The sink is the most perfect fig for looking in the mirror and dressing, but many of the sinks don’t have a storage area and this can sometimes be a problem for your small bathroom. Try to replace the sink with a dressing table in the corner of the bathroom. The use of a cabinet that is located on the wall will give you a look that does not disappoint.

In fact, using this cabinet will give you enough decoration and storage space for the room. Vanity in the corner is a DIY Bathroom storage option to consider. This cabinet will be the choice for storing medicines, small items, and they also have a nice mirror for decoration.

Make Wall Art In Bathroom Easily

As we have written above, the sink is indeed a comfortable area for reflection and preparation. However, for small bathrooms, this is not the answer to the existing storage problem. Using a medicine cabinet and mounting a mirror on its surface can have a dual function as a storage and decorative area.

Its use can be very effective for storing various items and makes it easy for you to decorate without having to go to the bedroom. However, for those of you who already have a fixed mirror in the bathroom, you can try to put the medicine cabinet next to it for good results.

Towels are the main accessories that must be in the bathroom, it is worth considering the storage that is most effective and easy to get even when guests come and use the bathroom. The towel bar is often used to store towels, but you can use the top of the towel bar to maximize storage, or maybe you can remove the towel bar and use hooks to hang additional towels. In addition, using a floating rack for towel storage can also be effective.

Vertical Area For Storage
Do you know which part is often forgotten when making storage in the bathroom? Of course the vertical area in the room. However, after reading this article you will find DIY Bathroom Storage tricks to maximize small bathrooms at home.

Floating racks and open shelves are the most reasonable choices to place in your vertical area. Besides being easy to install, this rack will be an option to make it easier for you to get towels or other items that are stored there. Open shelves are choices that have a sleek look and light opening.

Still not feeling enough with the storage area? Look behind the bathroom door, what’s there? Bingo! You find an empty area that can be optimized. Prepare a rack or hook to place behind the door, this area becomes a pleasant area for additional storage without having to eat the surface.

For the last thing to do for DIY Bathroom Storage optimization is you have to continue to keep the mess in the bathroom. A bathroom or small space is the area that gets the most mess (mess), even for a small space clutter on the surface will be the cause for that makes the room look smaller again. So make sure you always maintain order and placement of items in the room.

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