If you want a more practical bathroom look with a bit of a modern look and rustic charm, then farmhouse bathroom ideas are the best choice for you. For decorating projects with interior design, you may have to spend quite a lot of money, right?

To cut costs, we’ve rounded up DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas to make your design projects easier! So, keep reading to find out more about the key elements underlying this Farmhouse bathroom project.

You need to know that, DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas will present more regional rustic heritage items with a look of simplicity in them. However, even if items tend to be old-fashioned you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of a modern look! For that, there are several elements of a farm bathroom that must be considered:

  1. Industrial (warehouse) lighting fixtures
  2. Open shelf (floating)
  3. Cabinet shaker with simple hardware
  4. wall panels
  5. A bathtub with claw feet
  6. Area with exposed beams and natural wood accents

Apart from the key elements that you must have, there are some things that are very tempting but just aren’t suitable for your farmhouse bathroom design project! The following are not suitable for your bathroom:

  1. Use of a smooth (smooth) finish
  2. Decorating Millwork
  3. Use of complex patterns
  4. A messy surface!

Color Usage

To expedite the decoration project, the first DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas is to understand the mandatory use of color in the room. A farm-style bathroom will come with the use of a simple-looking color palette! The choice of white tones with sharp black lines is the most popular choice! However, you can use the following tones for a richer impression of space:

  • Deliver sharp contrast: Use black, white, and beige tones to give your bathroom a stronger contrast.
  • Natural tones: To make the bathroom seem more natural, tones that can be used are gray, straw, khaki, and buttermilk.
  • If you want to add more tones, options to consider include: barn red, robin’s egg blue, sage, dark green, and denim blue too.

Vanity in Shaker-style

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas using a shaker-style vanity bring a simple impression that is perfect for a farmhouse concept bathroom. You can paint this shaker style or let it look natural to maintain the natural beauty in the room.

Cabinets with flat panels and natural wood tone furniture are also the perfect combination for your room.


DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

The charming appearance and industrial style of the barn lamp become the most suitable fixture to enhance the charm of a farmhouse-style bathroom. DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas that you can try are to look for pendants or sconces made of classic galvanized or steel with a bright coating.

If you want to be different, consider using vanity lighting with a simpler glass bell or cylinder shape!


To fulfill the existing rustic elements and still look modern, clean subway tiles are a great choice to combine with any item! Then try using a darker grout to create a more contrasting and fresh impression in your room.

Make Modern Style For Your Bathroom With These Trick!

Bathtub Use with Claw Feet

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas that should not be forgotten is to use a bathtub with claw feet! You need to know that this one tub is an item that will enhance the character of the farmhouse in your decorating project.

If you want a renewable bathtub then a cast iron bathtub is fine but very heavy for this DIY project! We recommend that you use a claw foot bath made of copper or brass, in addition to being lighter in weight, this tub can be placed on the second floor more easily.

Sliding barn door

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

To increase the appeal of DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas projects, you can use sliding barn doors indoors! However, when you install it remember that this door does not come with strong privacy! So, we recommend using this door in the bathroom in your private bedroom.


The right choice of the sink will also enhance the character of your farmhouse-style bathroom! A white or porcelain fireclay sink is ideal for your decorating projects. Even more so for drop-in installations with a combination of wooden tables with natural finishes!

Wall Panels

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas Must Try

In a farmhouse-style bathroom decorating project, there may be a slight dismantling of the wall paneling area to get its natural features. However, in DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas we recommend you to use shiplap panels to get new architectural interest and set the look of your existing farmhouse!

Tongue-and-groove panels and beaded boards are great ideas for DIY projects.

Final Touch

A farmhouse-style bathroom will balance a rustic style with a simple modern look. The finishing touches that work in this case are to add a striped rug, linens, glass jars, slim bench, wicker basket, and some farm-inspired wall art!

For those of you who want the look of a farm bathroom, try using DIY farmhouse bathroom ideas! With this idea, you’ll save on expenses and still have that farm appeal in your bathroom.

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