DIY Landscape Design Ideas You Must Know

6 DIY Landscape Design Ideas You Must Know

Landscaping does not always bring confusion and costs a lot of money! In fact, these DIY landscape design ideas are practical ways to get the best landscape look without spending a fortune.

DIY Landscaping is a way of creating landscaping based on aesthetic appearance as well as practicality. So, let’s get started on this DIY landscape decoration project!

Definition of DIY landscape design ideas

DIY landscape design can be interpreted as a way to organize a home page with the aim of enhancing the property based on its aesthetics and practicality. In achieving the aesthetics of this project, one person with another will have different judgments on their point of view!

Take advantage of the existing elements for DIY landscape design ideas!

When we want to start a landscape project at no cost, there are a few questions you have to answer!

  • Do you have young children who enjoy playing outdoors?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Will the yard be used for various sporting activities and small parties?

A yard with large enough grass can be used by a home owner for a play area such as playing ball, badminton, or a small BBQ party. However, if you are a person who prioritizes tranquility, then green grass can be reduced and replaced with several trees, bushes, and also a mini bed in the garden!

What should not be forgotten when designing a landscape is energy conservation! Which means you have to pay attention to the trees and shrubs and combine them in a planned way to create a charming backyard look. There are several DIY landscape design ideas to save energy available:

  • Plant deciduous trees in the south and west areas of the house that function as shade, this method will reduce the cost of using air conditioning in the coming summer. And when autumn comes, don’t think you need to trim the existing leaves because this season they will shed their own leaves too.
  • Planting evergreen trees in the north and west can be windbreaking items, thus reducing heating costs when winter comes.
  • Shrubs can also be used as items to reduce the cost of air conditioning; they will create dead air that isolates in some areas of your home. So, consider planting a few bushes a few meters from the existing foundation.

DIY landscape design ideas based on aesthetic considerations

If we are talking about aesthetics, then we have to start by making decisions about hardscaping, trees and also what is in our yard. By considering the parts of hardscaping properly we will be able to create soft scaping much easier!

Let’s start with hardscaping! DIY landscape design ideas based on hardscaping everything from preparing to planting. And this is a pretty tough project, as you’ll need to start by creating the backbone for the landscape aesthetic.

Some basic guidelines to follow for carrying out your landscape design project.

Basically, the toughest projects in Hardscaping are when it comes to building the deck as well as the patio. However, an outdoor meeting room is also very common to create on the terrace. And some of the other hardscaping features include:

  • Wall fence
  • footpath
  • gazebo
  • and a few additional items such as a statue, a bird bath, or a mini fountain


The next DIY landscape design ideas are all about unifying your landscape look! And one of the considerations that will affect it is proportion! A large tree can be proportional to the size of a large house as well but will not fit into a minimalist style house or one that has a smaller size.

Then emphasize the existing look! If you are a person who lives on a hillside with a beautiful view, then let the view flow without being covered by large trees! If this is the case, a better tip to apply is to optimize the existing scene.

Clean up any existing trees, and use a few small plants to create a frame to enhance the existing scene.

However, when you live in a city with crowded houses then a better optimization tip is to create a fence to increase privacy! You might consider using a live fence on a hardscape.

A living fence with vines will create a more charming courtyard appearance, while maintaining your privacy.

To create privacy with hardscaping, there are several items to consider such as:

  • Wooden fence
  • Vinyl fence
  • Stone dining
  • Wooden fence with vines

Optimizing existing hardscaping will make it easier to integrate your softscape.

Hardscape and softscape integration

A garden with a water theme, will definitely have a fountain or sculpture and they can be used as the focus of the garden. With water features like these the garden looks even more impressive, the softscape is a very influential item! Even a water park with a mini container is sufficient to complement existing hardscaping.

DIY landscape design ideas based on lighting

By bringing in the right outdoor lighting, you will feel more comfortable and spend more time outdoors enjoying the various features it provides. Several lighting fixtures such as rope lighting, pedants, and spotlights can be the best choice to increase the comfort and safety of your landscape.

So, when bringing in lighting fixtures make sure not to rely on only one light source!

Basic principles of DIY landscape design ideas!

In addition to the underlying style of the landscape, you must also pay attention to the principles for designing an existing garden. While looking at the examples on Pinterest can be a guide, knowing the elements that underlie a garden design project will make your job easier! Some of the basic elements that you should know include:

  • Color
  • Line
  • Scale
  • And also texture

To find out more about the principles and elements of garden design, click here!

DIY landscape design ideas won’t work well without some research and experimentation! So, when you haven’t succeeded in creating a charming garden don’t give up on designing.

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