DIY Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom can be combined as one of the private spaces that offers comfort and luxury along with the cabinet and also a comfortable bathtub in it. However, for a small space? Do they have enough space for storage cabinets? I don’t think it’s that easy to put the DIY small bathroom storage ideas.

For a personal activity such as adequate or dressing, the bathroom must have a cabinet with enough storage features to accommodate existing items. You should look for small bathroom storage cabinet ideas that will complement the look and provide convenience in a comfortable and pleasant shower. You don’t need to change sites! Because here, we share simple tips for dealing with small bathrooms with these ideas of small bathroom storage. Optimize the look of your DIY small bathroom storage ideas! Read and do creative optimization for storage in your bathroom.

Easy DIY Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Easy DIY Small Bathroom Storage Ideas You Must Try

1. Hanging Basket Shelf
One really cheap storage idea is to use a weaving basket, but what’s different here is that we will optimize the vertical area in a small space. A wicker basket hung on the bathroom wall, hanging a wicker basket will free up your surface area. The best optimization idea for a small space is to free or minimize the mess that is on your surface.

Prepare at least 2 small-scale wicker baskets sufficient to place lotions, small towels, and some beauty items. With a weaving basket that does not have a lid, navigation will be easier.

2. Towel Rack
We will continue to try optimizing the existing vertical area! The towel rack will help you to have a cleaner and more efficient cabinet area. Hanging racks will be the most comfortable place to put extra towels and linen. In addition, using an open towel rack will make the room look more open and spacious.

One tip that really needs to be tried is storing towels by rolling them, besides looking neater storing towels by rolling up will make you get more storage area on the shelf.

3. Optimize the area behind your door
Use an adhesive latch for the area behind your door. Existing hooks will protect items such as comb combs, dryer dryers, vise, makeup brushes, and several other items. Using every inch of space in a small bathroom is the most sensible idea for optimizing DIY small bathroom storage!

4. Organized Storage
We never touched our drawers to find the items we needed! Why is that? We outsmart it by using a cabinet by optimizing the ordering of items based on existing categories. Organizing in this way will make it easier for you to get the items you need and easily record what items you need to buy again.

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5. Cleaning supplies
The area under the floating sink can be the most reasonable place to store some cleaning items in your bathroom. Optimize by using a wicker basket and store your items there for convenience in retrieving them.

6. Magnet Strip
This one can be an optional choice in a small bathroom. By using this item, you can place a curler clamp, nail clippers, and various other metal items. Magnetic stripes will be the most sensible idea when you have a lot of metal items, besides it’s easier to get the items you need, this strip will lean against the side of the vanity mirror bravely.

7. Optimassi unexpected storage
Have you ever thought of using a niche in a small bathroom for additional storage? A niche is a small bathroom that is rarely encountered, but in fact, creating a niche in it is an effective idea! As well as giving you extra space to put shampoo and soap in, the niche never takes up your space.

8. Cart
Trolley in the bathroom? Hmmm, this is great. . . Trolleys will be the answer to the lack of storage in your small bathroom. Additionally, trolleys that are easy to move will make it easier for you to create the free area you want!

9. Basket
The final optimization for your DIY small bathroom storage ideas is to include a basket! Basket is the best area to throw your dirty clothes because in a small space the chaos will come quickly and be difficult to remove! Anticipating the mess of dirty clothes will make it easier for you to optimize storage.

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