DIY Tricks To Get Rugs Clean Like a Professional min

DIY Tricks To Get Rugs Clean Like a Professional

Rugs Clean

Rugs become one of the investments that make sense in every room in the house. The carpet in the room gives the room extra warmth, added traction, and also adds color to space. The carpeting area provides a warm and soft place to play puzzles and cards or dominoes.
However, do you know a secret to preserve your carpet and surviving for years? Maintenance of the carpet is a thing that must be considered. The most common treatment for carpets is the cleanliness of your carpets. So, do you already know the secret trick to clean the carpet for maximum durability and cleanliness for your carpet?

DIY Tricks To Get Rugs Clean

DIY Tricks To Get Rugs Clean Like a Professional min
DIY Tricks To Get Rugs Clean Like a Professional 


Yes, even if you have the cleaning option to ship the carpet and let the professionals work for the cleanliness of your carpet, this is not a cheap choice! You can do carpet cleaning on Sundays with maximum results and also like a professional worker.
Tools you Need:
  • Vacuum
  • Rug shampoo
  • Dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Soft-bristle
  • Rubber gloves (optional)


Tricks to clean carpets
Remove Dirt
To get a clean carpet, you have to clean the entire carpet area on both sides of your carpet. Don’t forget the back of your carpet, because there you will get lots of piles of dust and dirt. Don’t let more dust build-up on the back of your carpet!
Check the cleanliness of your carpet for changes in color
For this job, you can use 2 cleaning methods:
  • You can check behind your cleaner and follow the instructions there. Use Bissell for your cleaning options.
  • Use a few dishwashing lids and mix in a bucket of warm water to clean the carpet. Remember this must be warm! Water that is too hot will fade the color of your carpet.

Test the carpet cleaner you bought at the very end of the carpet and make sure the colors don’t fade. If the color remains normal, you can continue the next cleaning step.

Soak the carpet in the cleanser and leave it in for a few minutes
Take out your sponge and brush to rub shampoo and detergent on your carpet until you get your carpet foamy. Leave the foam on the carpet for a few minutes (at least 10-15 minutes) and then rinse. This method is to let your cleaner soak into the carpet thoroughly.
Carpet Hose
To rinse more effectively, use a hose to rinse your carpet. Make sure the water that comes out is clean (soap foam is gone) to get a thorough cleaning.
Cleaning tool from a rubber material
To get perfect cleaning on the carpet, you can use a rubber cleaning tool to absorb excess water. Usually, this tool is used for window cleaning. All you have to do is press the cleaning knife firmly onto the carpet and pull it out to remove excess liquid.
Make sure both sides of your carpet are dry
The carpet will not clean perfectly when one side of your carpet does not get maximum dryness. Turn the sides of your carpet to make sure both sides of your carpet are completely dry.
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The vacuum cleaner and bristle brush will help you to loosen the fibers in your carpet because usually, the carpet will solidify after you wash it and dry it. After you are done in all these processes, you can return your carpet to the room and feel the warmth of your carpet.

Scheduled maintenance will make your carpet more comfortable and make your family enjoy sitting on your carpet.

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