Hanging gardens are an alternative to designing a mini garden in your yard, this way you will draw attention upwards and not much area on the floor! However, just like planting in general, hanging-style plants also need the care to keep them attractive and grow well. Easy care hanging plants can be your new way to create an attractive hanging oasis that stays lush all season.

Easy care hanging plants with irrigation

Hanging plants will generally demand more water or moisture from their soil! Having a hanging basket with moist soil is a great way to care for your plants. The intensity and frequency of watering depending on the time, temperature, and also the type of plant present.

Sometimes you can water the hanging plants every 2-3 days when it is cold spring, but other times you can do it once a day when summer comes. There are some smart tips you can try:

  1. Try to water the plants during the coldest times in your area, this will minimize evaporation of existing water and make the water last longer in the pot.
  2. Using a smaller hanging basket will make the soil dry out faster, so check it out often!
  3. Make sure to water as often as possible and make sure the water flows through the drainage system that is made, a heavy basket means enough water to support your hanging plants.
  4. Dip your finger in the soil to ensure that the planter has enough water! (at least 1 inch below ground).
  5. It’s not that plants need water to grow, it doesn’t mean they don’t have excess water capacity! when you make the soil too moist, you may get burnt and this can be the beginning of the destruction of your plants. The balance of the irrigation system and the choice of plants must really be considered to make hanging plants grow well.


The next Easy care hanging plants is to provide a little nutrition for existing plants! Fertilizer is the best for making plants thrive. The fertilizer will add nutrients to the soil that has been lost during watering and will make the hanging basket fuller.

Making plants fertile is done when the soil is wet (during the growing period of the plant), not when it is dying (withering). When you find flowers that are starting to grow, then applying more fertilizer will make them grow better.

Dead flowers!

To ensure that the plants continue to grow well, the Easy care hanging plants is to cut and remove the meeting place with the stem! Not only does it make the hanging basket look more charming, but it will also allow you to have more flowers in your basket.

However, this method is not for every plant! So be sure how your plants need care and do it as direct.

Plant Plants that you can take care of!

Maybe a lot of people will be tempted when they go to a flower shop and discover the appeal of various plants! However, each plant has its own way of care and growth. To get Easy care hanging plants, we advise you to choose plants that are really easy and suitable for you to care for.

At least, know what the characteristics of the plant you want! You can start by selecting plants that are difficult to need, know what their characteristics are and then look at other species that have more difficult care. Learning to care for plants is the simplest way to allow you to care for the toughest and prone plants to irrigation or so on.

Pruning (once or twice)

To make a neat look to your hanging garden, Easy care hanging plants are pruning. Pruning projects can be done by using sharp scissors to cut the few inches of leaves over the basket.

List Of The Best Hanging Plants With Full Sun

The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčEasy care hanging plants is to even out the appearance of existing roots, stems, or flowers. Even if you cut them, they will still grow well in your basket.

Some things that must be considered in selecting plants:

Pay attention to the existing weights

Baskets or hanging pots filled with wet soil with existing plants can make it feel heavy! To create a sense of security and comfort, before you hang the pot on the wall or ceiling. Make sure whatever it is can withstand the weight!

Making sure the hooks are strong with weight is the best way to get the best hanging plants on the patio or indoors.

Apart from weight, potting media also makes a big difference to your planting. Part of a pot filled with peat will make water retention better and make the load heavier than it is. When this happens, reduce the mixture on the peat to Easy care hanging plants for you to do.

Protect existing floors and furniture!

Easy Care Hanging Plants You Must Try 2

Easy Care Hanging Plants You Must Try

The hanging planting method comes with a lot of controversy, not just creating a more comfortable and charming oasis for your patio. However, its use also comes with many threats of disaster! Falls, leaks, and so on are always lurking in your room. However, the most common is the drainage system. The use of coconut coir is very suitable for hanging plants, but not for indoor plants. There are Easy Care Hanging Plants Tips that are safe for your room:

  • With trays: The next alternative is to make hanging pots that are lampiri with trays. This is also a way of selling at a downtown plant shop!
  • Use a pot in a pot: With this method, removing and inserting new plants is very easy. Use outdoor pots without a drainage system that allows water to seepage and flood your room.


If you ask me what is the most difficult way to care for plants, then watering is the answer! Watering the plants may use a ladder or several stacks of chairs to get there. However, Easy care hanging plants that can be done is by using pulley system hanging planting.

This way, you don’t have to climb or hold up a bucket of water! Hanging plantings also require more water in because plantings close to ceiling often come with warmer air and tend to be drier.