Flooring Maintenance

Everyone has many choices to determine the floor of his house. However, perhaps the favorite choice fell on vinyl flooring because of its elegant appearance and ease of care for it. Maintenance flooring and keeping it clean sounds like a lot of work, right? But that’s when you haven’t found this article!

Basically, cleaning the floor can be done quite easily and simply. You only need to be patient and understand the right steps to maintain the appearance of your floor.

The Most Effective Flooring Maintenance

The Most Effective Flooring Maintenance Tips to Do

The Most Effective Flooring Maintenance Tips to Do

Vacuum Dust
Sweeping and cleaning the dust on the surface is a job that must be done regularly for flooring maintenance. Sweeping regularly every morning and evening will remove dust and grime before making the floor look bad.

This project sounds really easy and fast, but patience must be there when you are working on this project. Avoid using straw brooms as they have the potential to scratch your floors.

Wiping the floor with water every week or two will keep your floor looking. By using the right mop product, you can also maintain the shine, and enhance the color that the floor has. Flooring maintenance by mopping must be considered carefully because each floor material has a different treatment when you use the wrong mop product or use the wrong moisture then this can be a cause of damage to the floor.

When you’re done mopping the floor, make sure you dry it as soon as possible using a clean dry cloth. This way you will prevent possible problems like stain buildup and accidents.

Clean Up Spills Quickly
Using a microfiber cloth is the most effective way to wipe up spills and avoid dirt build-up on your surface. When you find spills from eggs or meat, more aggressive cleaning should be done because they have the potential for bacteria buildup in the floor area.

Put the doormat
Bring the mat to the front entrance area of your home. With the doormat, it will help remove dust and dirt attached to the shoes and this is effective flooring maintenance even when the weather is bad.

With the doormat, dust and shoes that are under the shoes can be anticipated so they don’t enter and pollute the room.

By adding rugs in the room, you will create a more elegant, warmer, and more enjoyable look for a variety of activities. Apart from that, rugs also work great for Flooring maintenance as they will keep any scratches and build-up that may occur in your space.

Do a Deeper Cleansing
Flooring maintenance is an ongoing project, so cleaning it often will help you to maintain the appearance and quality of the floor. By using the correct cleaning routine on a regular basis, you will get rid of various greasy stains and residues that have the potential to ruin the appearance of the floor.

Use white vinegar and water for your cleaning projects, this is an effective way of Flooring maintenance with natural ingredients that will save money.

Seasonal maintenance flooring
By doing cleaning on a seasonal basis, you will minimize accidents and have even more benefits. Here are some effective cleaning times for each season

  • Flooring maintenance spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • And winter

Prepare the Prevention of Moving Furniture
When you want to rearrange the room by moving furniture from one side to the other. It is better to take some precautions such as preparing air tires for the transfer mat. Do not force your furniture to move as this can injure the floor and even spoil its appearance.

Natural lighting is a necessity in the home, but having extreme light can be a big problem changing the color of your floors. The combination of heat and light is the main cause of your floor fading. Using curtains to wipe in light when there is extreme light is the best thing to do.

Use Furniture Foot Protector
Keeping the floor from knocks and dents that may be caused by furniture can be done by using furniture footwear protectors. You will get a piece of armor as heavy as the furniture (the heavier the furniture, the wider the item). Use a shield that is at least 1 inch in diameter with a hard, non-pigmented plastic base and lay it flat against the floor.

The most important thing when maintaining the floor is to do regular cleaning and keep the floor clean from spills that have the potential to damage the appearance and leave stains.

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