Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Tips that are Very Effective

Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Tips that are Very Effective

Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Tips

Anything can happen on the floor! This includes high traffic, spills, collisions, and even accidents. For a long-term investment, the floor is something very important and should be paid attention to its appearance. Especially for those with hardwood floors, no hardwood flooring cleaning tips are better than precautions to keep them charming.

Preventive actions such as giving mats or a place to put footwear outside the entrance are the most rational things to do. In fact, when the weather is rainy or snowy, having a special place to place your footwear can prevent dirt from getting into your floor area. In fact, it’s not just when it’s raining or snowing! Having a doormat outside the door will help you maintain the age and appearance of the floor. Follow our hardwood flooring cleaning tips to keep your flooring performing.

Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Tips that are Very Effective

Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Tips that are Very Effective
Hardwood Flooring Cleaning Tips that are Very Effective

Hardwood flooring cleaning tips regularly
The most important thing in any cleaning project is sweeping and mopping the dust regularly to make the floor look elegant every time. Doing so depends on how traffic is going in your area, we like how dusted mops make it easier to remove dust, dirt, and animal hair which has the potential to scratch the floor.

Wood floor mopping projects can be done using a microfiber cloth, because this material is an item that will trap dust and dirt effectively.

Cleaning hardwood floors is not just about sweeping and mopping, but using a vacuum cleaner must also be done for optimal results. This project can be done every 2 weeks or once a month. Make sure not to use a vacuum that has a beater bar attachment, as it can injure your hardwood floors.

Tips for mopping wooden floors properly and effectively
Remember! The most effective hardwood flooring cleaning tips are to take preventive measures and routine cleaning. However, it does not rule out that further cleaning must be done from time to time. Oil, dirt can build up over time and can be very difficult to remove.

That’s when it happens! A thorough (deep) cleaning project can be done in the spring or before winter comes. Use a wooden mop and a cleaning product diluted as directed by the label on it.

Wet a sponge or mop and wring it out until you find the cloth damp. Wet the floor carefully and don’t leave puddles there! Then when using a damp cloth and clean water (if needed). When mopping makes sure you thoroughly wipe off any excess liquid, as this has the potential to damage your floors. When the weather is humid, turning on a fan or air conditioner can be the fastest option to dry the floor.

Use the Best Cleaning Products
When you are finished installing wooden floors, don’t forget to ask the manufacturer about the best cleaning products for floors. Because your manufacturer is sure to have the best choice of wood floor cleaning products! However, if you forget to ask then try to use some special wood floor cleaning products instead of vinyl cleaners.

Basically, wood floor cleaning products have their own qualities to make the floor shine, if you use a product that is not specifically for wood floors, it will most likely only damage the floor. When shopping at the store, be sure to get a cleaning product with a Green guard Gold certificate (safe for homes with children and pets).

Natural wood flooring
Hardwood flooring cleaning tips can naturally be done using kitchen ingredients (vinegar). Cleaning the floor using vinegar is really effective to do, in addition to saving costs, this material is a powerful cleaner for your wood surfaces. Find out here how to clean floors with vinegar.

However, make sure you test a specific area before using the vinegar. Vinegar products can dull some of the finish of certain hardwoods so check that first!

Tips for removing stains on floor surfaces
The latest hardwood flooring cleaning tips are to remove stains on the surface. Before starting, you need to know the final result of the floor itself. When the stain is on the surface, the floor may have a hard coating (such as urethane). However, if the stain is at the end and penetrates into the wood, then the floor has a soft oil coating!

Here are the solutions for removing stains from your hardwood floors:

  • Heel marks: Use fine steel wool for waxing the floor
  • Oil stains: Rub the area with a soft cloth and dish detergent mixture. then rinse using clear water.
  • Water stain: Use no.000 steel wool with floor wax, then sand a little and clean the fine steel and iron the odorless spirit
  • Black stains and pet stains: Scrub the stain with No.000 wool and floor wax. Use bleach or vinegar when the stain persists (let it soak into the wood for about an hour) then rinse thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Hardwood floor cleaning tips are not about how to clean them, but you better do an anticipatory project to keep the wood floor looking elegant every time.

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