Rubber Floor Maintenance Tips

Comes as an anti-slip material with easy maintenance, rubber flooring is often an ideal material for Gym areas and in some industrial areas. Rubber floors are often used for several places such as the sports area in the house, the garage, and also the children’s play area. Performing rubber floor maintenance is also a very important activity to ensure the floor remains clean and attractive at all times.

Vacuuming is essential when caring for rubber floors, but tending to floors isn’t just about vacuuming! Here are some Rubber floor maintenance projects that must be done to maintain the appearance of the floor.

Effective Rubber Floor Maintenance Tips

The Most Effective Rubber Floor Maintenance Tips

The Most Effective Rubber Floor Maintenance Tips

Vacuum and Sweep
Rubber flooring is an option with sufficient durability; however, dirt and debris should be kept off the surface. Because it can trigger scratches on your rubber floor! Rubber floor maintenance by sweeping once a week is a good thing to maintain the appearance of the floor.

However, for high-traffic areas doing cleaning every morning and evening is an effective way to do it.

For vacuuming, it’s a good idea to use a vacuum with a soft brush to minimize damage to the curry. And don’t forget to set the floor height on the vacuum cleaner to a moderate level. This way, you can clean the floor without injuring it.

Mopping Tricks
Rubber floor maintenance by mopping once a week will keep the appearance of the rubber floor itself, and it’s not a time-consuming project! You only need a bucket of warm water and use a damp mop to wipe the dirt off the surface. This method is very effective in maintaining the look and age of rubber floors, but if it has stubborn stains on the surface adding a cleaning solution will work.

Also, make sure you use a nylon mop or soft-bristled brush when mopping, avoid using cotton mops or sponges as they have the potential to get stuck on surfaces with a rubbery texture and leave unsightly fibers.

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If the floor has a high traffic area, you can add a little dish soap to the mop (just a little). Excessive use of cleaning products for the rubber floor area will leave a residue on a thin layer and get rid of it, you need a mop that is harder than usual.

For new rubber flooring, you must leave it 72 hours before the first mopping. This is the time it takes to make sure the glue under the floor is properly installed.

Stubborn Stain Problems
If the rubber flooring area is a high traffic area, and spills are frequent then it’s no wonder the floor area can get stubborn stains. And Rubber floor maintenance for areas with stains is to use the correct solution. You may need to use a rubber floor cleaner specific to your area. A cleaner with white vinegar is the best way to clean hardwood floors, but rubber floors are the worst way!

Always avoid cleaning agents such as bleach, strippers, degreasers, and abrasives. Because it has a very bad impact on the surface of the rubber floor.

For water stains, use a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. And apply to the stained area, scrub in a circular pattern using a soft-bristled brush and rinse! As for oil stains, you can moisten a cloth with 3 teaspoons of turpentine. Not too much! As they can ruin the appearance of your floor, be sure to wear rubber gloves and ventilate the area.

Rubber Tiles
Apart from coming up with some solid rubber sheets, there are several rubber floorings in the form of tiles. Tiles are also a more convenient choice with ease of installation and are a better choice because they can be exchanged for new tiles when you notice damage to a certain area.

What must be considered in rubber floor maintenance is to maintain standing water in the tile area. And when scrubbing or mopping floors, water and cleaning solution can get into the gaps between the tiles and wet the surface underneath. Using a damp mop is the most sensible way to minimize the water that may soak into the gaps.

Maintaining the appearance of rubber floors is a fairly easy project, you just need to do Rubber floor maintenance regularly and know what can damage the appearance of the floor such as (scratches, and potentially damaging materials).