Elegant Dining Room Design Ideas with Easy Steps

Elegant Dining Room Design Ideas with Easy Steps

Dining Room Design Ideas

Many people ask how to create a dining room that is completely comfortable and has an elegant appearance. What should have the space to create it? or just 4 feet of space working? When we talk about dining room design, the first thing we will do is consider the size of the room and the size of the furniture in it. To get Elegant Dining Room Design Ideas, you don’t need to hire a pro interior worker, with these few steps you will be fully helped.

This idea works really well for small apartments, and even open floor plans. So, try this idea for an elegant dining room look!

Elegant Dining Room Design Ideas with Easy Steps
Elegant Dining Room Design Ideas with Easy Steps

Dining Room Design Ideas Choice by Scale
The first thing about this project is about determining the right scale for the various furniture it contains. This sounds very simple, but when you decorate a dining room in a certain style, you should pay more attention to the choice of furniture. The suitability of style and size of space is something that must be combined with each other. The greater the size of the room, then choosing a wider table is also a must and vice versa.

As for small rooms, using a round table is a better way of viewing and navigation. And avoid stem height tables, as these are very uncomfortable for your area (unless the restaurant lighting is inside).

Apart from the table, pay attention to the selection of chairs too! When you are choosing a chair for the dining room, be sure to find a height that matches the table. A chair that is too short will provide an unpleasant visual appearance, whereas a chair that is too high (higher than the table) will prevent your legs from feeling comfortable. Options with high back chairs can be a great choice for providing identification of a dining area without making it look too small.

Dining Room Design Ideas Lighting
To create an elegant atmosphere and stay comfortable in the dining room, you can play with the lighting in it! At least you can use a bulb and a chandelier to provide comfortable lighting at night with compensation for one or a pair of lights on the sideboard. The lighting options for dining room design ideas are the same as when you choose room furniture. Ensuring that the lighting is evenly spread out and provides a comfortable appearance in every corner is key to your success.

Dining Room Feng Shui Colors For Consideration

The bigger space, the bigger the lighting fixture, the better. And to save budget on lighting fixtures, you can use light with frosted glass, the light produced from this glass will be more diffuse than clear glass. By using it, you will save more on the use of the bulb in your room.

Dining Room Design Ideas with Play Contrast
To create a livelier dining area, the best way is to play with contrasts! Contrast that is applied properly will present a more elegant, beautiful, unique, and more inviting impression.

In dining rooms, the most common use of contrast is in the table and chair area! Style and material considerations often give a better look at the dining room contrast. You can try using a wooden dining table with linen upholstered chairs, or use wood with a combination of woven upholstered chairs. And if you want a more eclectic look, it’s possible to use a chair that isn’t aligned. The use of Windsor chairs as chairs around the table will give a simpler impression, and then additional chairs with materials (a different look at the end of your table).

To bring contrast in the dining room, the best choice remains the use of rugs. Apart from functioning as a display enhancer, color rugs will provide an eye-catching contrast in your room. What’s more, they will be very comfortable to step on!

Main Functions in Dining Room Design Ideas
No less important when designing a dining room is how you will use it! Is the dining room always in use? Or just every weekend? By determining the main function and at what level of use, you will find it easier to find furniture that will occupy your room.

By considering the function of the dining room, you will find it easier to determine what kind of items will be used! Is that a rug in synthetic fabrics or a rug with an even better choice of material? And for chair users, when you have a messy chair with sticky fingers removing the seat and using it at the end of the table can be even better. And using a stool can be a better option for kids.

As for the table that has been injured, the choice of surface with hard wood will be better. Avoid using hard materials such as glass or stone as they have a higher rate of plate and glass breaking.

Dining Room Design Ideas Storage
The final dining room design ideas optimization is to have the right storage! There is no doubt that every house must-have items that are interesting, beautiful, and also unique. Instead of keeping it in a closed cupboard, we prefer to show it in a cabinet or glass cabinet. A choice of functional items such as glasses, decorative plates, serving pieces, and even salt holders can be used as additional accessories for your dining room.

It all depends on the use of the items in it, make sure to invest in an item that fully works for you! Apart from saving on budget, you will also have more space to store various items.

Dining Room Design Ideas with Choose Color

We all know that color choices have a big impact on creating a space, and the dining room is no exception. Using the right color will bring a sense of comfort, and make the room look more elegant. Some of these colors can be considered for you:

  • Truffle Brown: This color is a very suitable choice to match the appearance of various wood colors in your room. Giving a more subtle look to the crown, as well as the molding of the panels on the windows and trim will make a smoother impression and the combination with the white ceiling will give the impression of a space that is higher than it really is.
  • Burning orange: A better color than using red tones for the dining room! This shade is perfect for a traditional dining room and works well as a decoration in a modern dining room with neater lines. With the appearance of the white floor and flowing natural light, it will keep the color better without having to look too thick.
  • Apple green: This color has a sharp, energetic look to give stained wood a more pop and create a more refreshing look for space. When using this color, it almost touches the ceiling the resulting look is a balanced space on the floor and dark furniture while focusing on a light ceiling with a charming chandelier.
  • Dark Red: To raise the temperature in your room, you can use a dark red color on your walls and mix it with pure white! The saturated hue that is produced will make for a totally cozy yet classic gathering area.
  • Charcoal Purple: Charcoal purple combined with lighter furniture and wooden floors will create a more grand and intimate impression.
  • Aqua Blue: Pale blue with dark brown is a combination that is often used in traditional dining rooms. This combination is very interesting because it will make the blue look more vibrant but without feeling stuffy!

The conclusion is that dining room design ideas are not just about how you create a dining room with luxurious furniture and appearance. However, how to create a more comfortable dining room feel in various ways without having to spend too much budget on the use of furniture.

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