Everything About Interior Lighting Design That Will Inspire

Everything About Interior Lighting Design That Will Inspire

Interior Lighting Design

To get the perfection of your interior decoration project, lighting is one of the building blocks for your interior style. Interior lighting design is one of the important things to improve the quality of a room, as well as give an additional sense of comfort in it. However, unfortunately, most homeowners are quite satisfied with a pendant lamp for the main lighting of their space.

Interior lighting design also has a basic design to improve space quality. Without applying these basics, you will not find a completely good space. One of the things to do is consider how it impacts the look and feel of the fixture you are using. But fixture selection is the second project to do! The first thing is about planning the lighting requirements in the space. To make it easier to light the room it’s a good idea to start your scrolling!

Everything About Interior Lighting Design

Everything About Interior Lighting Design That Will Inspire
Everything About Interior Lighting Design That Will Inspire

Ambient Type Lighting
This type of lighting is the first layer in every room, they are also often referred to as general lighting. This lighting is the most basic idea for your interior lighting design. This light can come from natural window lighting, as well as general light sources that replace natural light.

Fixture options that provide among other ambient light:

  • Chandelier
  • Light on fan
  • Tracking Light
  • Hidden Lights
  • Wall sconces
  • And many more

Many homeowners know the ambient lighting needs for space, but many just use it without any additional lighting types! What needs to be remembered is that this lighting is the basis of room lighting, and at least adding 2 types could be better.

Task Type Lighting
The second layer and a must-have interior lighting design is task type lighting, this lighting will provide the right light for certain areas such as study areas, cooking, dressing up, and so on.

This lighting includes:

  • Table lamp
  • Lamp with swing arm
  • Under the table lamp
  • Chandelier
  • Recessed tracks or lights
  • And Floor Lamps

When you are considering choosing task-type lighting, you should determine what kind of activity you will be doing and which fixtures will be suitable for use.

Elements of Interior Design You Must Know

Accent Type
This type of lighting is one that will play the mood of the space used. Besides playing a big role in influencing the appearance, this lighting also plays a role in the atmosphere in the space. They can be used to accentuate various architectural features and accessories in a space. Despite the many benefits it provides, this type is one that is often overlooked.

This lighting comes in several options such as:

  • Down or Uplight
  • Image Lights
  • Wall Sconces
  • Tracks
  • Special Lighting
  • Pendant lamp with dimmer
  • Lighting in the wardrobe
  • And others

When you are specifying Accent type lighting, adding a dimmer is a very good thing. Ask yourself how you will play the atmosphere in the room, and what elements will be highlighted or removed (visually).

Now that you know the 3 types of artificial lighting that will enhance the appearance and value of a space, you should also know how to make natural lighting go the extra mile for you. Natural lighting is one of the must-have light sources in every room! So, consider including it before adding the 3 types of artificial lighting that exist.

For those of you who want a better appearance of natural interior design lighting, there are several ways you can do:

1. Window modification
If you’re on a home remodeling project, changing the size of the windows can be the best way of getting in the light. Not only does it make the room have more light, but this method will directly create a bigger and warmer visual impact.

2. Replace with Glass Doors
If you think a large window is too common, then you can consider replacing the glass on the door or some walls. Thus, the flow of natural light would be better and not even an item would get in the way. Glass will introduce natural light and let it continue to flow into your room, the transparent nature of glass and tricking the brain into thinking that this is a bigger space than it should be.

3. Leave the wall
If you have enough money for a room remodeling project, you might consider doing an overhaul with an open floor plan. An open floor plan will allow you to have a stream of light with a greater reach. The absence of bulkheads allows your natural interior lighting design to be even better!

4. Color
Don’t forget to use lighter colors for your room, with bright colors and natural light you will find it easier to get a more spacious look. Even changing colors in a room is the most practical and inexpensive way to enhance the atmosphere and reflect incoming light.

5. Mirror
To improve the natural interior lighting design, the last one is to use a mirror. The natural nature that reflects light comes and spreads it in all directions, making the mirror one of the favorite accessories to give the impression of a more spacious and spacious space for each of your rooms.

Don’t forget that natural interior lighting design must also be combined with interior lighting design, you will get maximum results when you combine the two. Especially in winter, there will be less natural light without providing artificial light. You will feel the sensation of living in a cave! So, combining the two is the best choice.

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