Everything About Living Room Vinyl Flooring

Everything About Living Room Vinyl Flooring You Need to Know

Living Room Vinyl Flooring

The use of vinyl sheets and tiles may not be a favorite choice for living room floors, but when you consider the use of vinyl and tiles it gives a charming appearance, ease of maintenance, and also better durability. What’s even better is that they come with a huge selection of patterns and designs to get your hands on. Regardless of the choice of appearance and ease of maintenance, living room vinyl flooring still requires you to make several important considerations. Here are some things to pay attention to when choosing living room vinyl flooring!

Everything About Living Room Vinyl Flooring

Everything About Living Room Vinyl Flooring
Everything About Living Room Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes with a variety of options for you to consider, especially the design. Here are some vinyl flooring options to understand:

  • Printable Vinyl: This one is a vinyl that consists of various backing materials, print layers, and also wear layers that are on top of the floor. On the back, this floor has a stable appearance and the existing printed layers have various views of the pattern, as well as a variety of color combinations to choose from, even the appearance of wood or stone.
  • Solid, and Composite: The vinyl of this model has a separate and distinct coating, with the surface covering being made with a single, congruent material process. Due to the different manufacturing processes, the design of this floor is also limited! Even though it has a limited design, the colors will not fade quickly.
  • Classic vinyl; The only thing that makes classic vinyl look so desirable is its flat, manufactured appearance, as well as plastic. However, this type of vinyl has a dimensional feel that feels like a rock gap is slightly raised. This option can also give the impression of a space that resembles wood as well as a look with a random textured pattern to enhance the decoration in your room.
  • Vinyl color; The most pleasing of using vinyl flooring is the choice of various patterns and colors to match the look and architecture of your living room.

Pricing for Living Room Vinyl Flooring
1. Vinyl Sheet
These floors range in price from $ 0.050 – $ 2.00 per square foot. This option consists of a sized, cut, single-piece, a giant sheet of solid vinyl that is installed regularly for the living room. This option makes it easier for you to determine the print design on each invoice.

With this type of option, you can become an artist in your own living room and create a look to your liking. However, installation can be more difficult, and hiring a professional could be better (albeit at an additional cost).

2. Tile
The choice of living room vinyl flooring with vinyl tile types costs around $ 1- $ 8 per square foot. This option has a standard size and shapes with a choice of squares and rectangles cut into triangles.

Whole Flooring ideas for you know

For those of you who have children who are actively playing at any time, the choice of living room vinyl flooring is the best! In addition to easy maintenance and durability, vinyl floors tend to be softer to prevent accidents when children play. Which means the children will not be in pain when they fall. With these considerations why living room vinyl flooring is a popular choice.

The downside of vinyl
1. Living room vinyl flooring has a prominent weakness when this material comes into contact with rubber, stains will arise on the floor surface. This chemical reaction makes it necessary to avoid vinyl flooring from materials that contain rubber. Even rubber shoe soles can be one of the main causes of floor scratches and discoloration.

2. In addition, vinyl flooring has the properties of being soft and of existing durability. When the floor is subjected to strong pressure on the surface you may find the floor has holes in it and needs repair!

The living room becomes one of the rooms with high traffic. Parties or spills on the floor can be cleaned easily, living room vinyl flooring can last up to 20 years before its complete replacement. What you need to pay attention to for living room vinyl flooring is:

  • Maintenance: This floor has a fairly easy maintenance method, which requires you to sweep and vacuum the surface regularly. And when you find a spill on the floor, use soap and warm water to clean the floor.
  • Sunlight: Many areas of the living room have a fair amount of natural light. Over time natural lighting can be a major cause of discoloration of your floors. For this problem, you can use light curtains to filter incoming light and keep the floor durable for the desired period of time.

Living room vinyl flooring is a smart choice, what you need to pay attention to is how you choose the floor to enhance the appearance of the living room!

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