Everything You Need to Know About Shabby Chic Home Decor

Everything About Shabby Chic Home Decor You Must Know

Shabby Chic Home Decor

Shabby chic home decor is one of the choices for home decor that provides comfort and remains tidy at all times. These two factors make shabby chic attract many people! This decoration style gives off an elegant artistic vibe, but unfortunately, the shabby chic look won’t be easy to get, especially for those who are new to the shabby chic look!

What should be considered is how to make the space less structured and give it a neat appearance all the time. To solve this problem, we have summarized how this lady’s style is and what kind of structure is needed to make the look perfect.

Everything You Need to Know About Shabby Chic Home Decor
Everything You Need to Know About Shabby Chic Home Decor

Start with a neutral tone
In decorating a space, the first time to do is to know the basic elements of the desired style. Knowing where to start decorating, what elements play an important role? And how to make it happen! In shabby chic home decor, you’ll find more furniture and pieces in bold colors. Thus, the basic color choices that must be chosen are colors that will provide a balance of furniture colors.

Structural elements like walls and floors would be better off using neutral colors like pure white walls, while brown floors are the perfect combination for a shabby chic look! What needs to be underlined is that a neutral tone background doesn’t always have to be boring. When decorating, you can add additional visual interest by giving the wall a textured painting or making the fireplace the focal point of the space.

This style has 2 divisions of furniture, with “shabby” and “shabby the antique” and both being items that will give an antique look to any space. Furniture is one way to provide detail in each of your spaces. You can look for wood craftsmen who can make cute and cute looks for your furniture, or shop for secondhand stores to find a unique look for your furniture later.

When investing in furniture, make sure to choose furniture that gives a distressed (not modern) look. However, if you want to mix a modern and classic look make sure the blend in the settings and selections are adjusted for a balanced look with each other.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Nothing is more fun than choosing accessories. Accessories in shabby chic home decor are all about bringing in layers of different accessories from a selection of rugs, blankets, pillows, art, walls, and a few other decorative items for a cozy and comfortable feel. When choosing accessories, make sure to mix and match! Because the main key to success is to integrate and still take into account the balance in it.

Accessories can be selected in various ways, such as based on print, texture, and pattern. However, if you want a cohesive look you can limit the existing color schemes and it’s best to just 2-3 color schemes!

Don’t Forget the Natural Shades
Shabby chic home decor almost resembles Scandinavian style, with a brighter, lighter, and airy look. To create a nuance like this, in addition to choosing neutral colors, you also have to bring in some natural elements from outside the room. You can include several ornamental plants, even ornamental plants come with various species and each species has a difference in care!

Options with ease of care, light tolerance, and placement will help you keep an eye on them without worrying about killing your plants!

The shabby chic home decor makes for a really tempting (very stylish) choice. So, bring this style to work in your room! And tell us is it really that great?

Smart Tricks To make shabby chic home decor projects easier:

1. Combining minimal color with maximum detail
You’ll get more updates on using neutral colors with a calmer look, decorative fabrics, and some ornamental accessories. Then give it a sophisticated look in Shabby Chic, using a white and cream palette and adding white and distressed wood to attract more attention. And to avoid the look too flat, you can insert an accent layer with lots of detail and texture too!

2. Create a space with more character
Combining various textures from wood with luxurious upholstery, as well as wallpaper with a more haul design in soft blue and gray tones will give a dynamic look to your shabby chic room.

3. Create a farmhouse look with cream
Smooth garlands, neutral tones, and shaker-looking furnishings give off a relaxed, rustic vibe with a calming look. You can use a classic country palette of beige and cream fabrics as well as a few decorative pillows in linen that are striped in subtle colors.

4. Show the impression of a farmhouse with gentle curves
You can easily give it a rustic look by using a textile print soaked in a rustic wood finish. The wall color with duck egg color coupled with beige furniture and dull wood is also great for showing a shabby chic charm. You can look for items like this at an eBay thrift store, or at a local flea store.

5. Wallpaper
The easiest way to get a shabby chic home decor vibe is to use a wallpaper with a picture on your wall, also add sheets and upholstery with a charming floral look. paint a white blank floorboard and give it a vinyl or laminate look.

6. Use vintage accessories
If you have an open space, then provide a conservatory that is suitable for a shabby chic look. Use classic woven conservatory furniture to give it a more charming look that goes well with the refreshing blue-gray look.

Lastly, in the shabby chic home decor project, is to choose and combine various accessories with very different looks in one space. This will make the shabby chic vibe even more pronounced and the room more fun!

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