Fast Ways to Decorate a Bohemian Style House

Bohemian style decoration or often in short with the word BOHO is a style of decoration for those who want a home style with a full scheme of life, culture, and also unique items in the house. The effects of this BOHO home style will display a cheerful, relaxed, and unique effect. And the uniqueness of this decoration is that each room will have its own style. The BOHO decoration is usually preferred by those who live life with unusual styles, such as artists, actors, or writers. rely on the creativity of the homeowner.

Best Bohemian Decorations

Fast Ways to Decorate a Bohemian Style House
Color Bohemian Style
The Bohemian style is a creative freestyle where there are no specific rules for doing this decoration, colors that have a warm impression are usually the most common in Bohemian-style homes. Metallic or gem-colored colors are choices that you can use. You like mixing dark brown, green, and gray for the base color, and then accessing it with saturated purple, bright orange, and electric blue. The combination of these colors is unique in this Bohemian style.

Mixing patterns, textures and colors is a habit in this bohemian style decoration. So don’t be afraid to mix them. The combination of textiles and color patterns born from different corners of the world will be an interesting combination, as well as combining frangipani textiles and giving a pleasant atmosphere and exoticism. Hang a rug on the wall next to your photo and art. White will be a background in a Bohemian room full of colors, using white will allow you to easily emit colors in your room. The room with white color will be able to easily bring visuals into your home.

Bohemian style home decorative material
Bohemian is like the opposite of minimalist style decoration which has a minimalist, modern and sleek philosophy. Bohemian holds the philosophy “more is more interesting”, in decorating a bohemian-style home that is always holding the key of mixing and matching. Like the jute and sisal material will be very suitable in combination with silk. Matching materials also requires a special selection for this Bohemian style house, you will look for materials with a slightly worn look, not damaged but shiny for your home. Canopies are also a hallmark in Bohemian style decorations that are always in bed.

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Furnishings Bohemian Style House
If you want furniture for a Bohemian-style house, you won’t be able to find it in a furniture store across the city street. Owners of Bohemian-style decorations usually tend to collect their furniture from time to time to make their decorations, bohemian-style decorations such as antiquities and used goods. Each piece of furniture has its own story from time to time. If you like bohemian-style d├ęcor, you’ll love walking through vintage shops and looking for furniture randomly there.

The vibrations from luxury chairs and sofas with saturated colors will complement the Bohemian-style decor in your home. The rug will become a soft cushion and create comfort to sit on it. Furniture that has sleek and straight pieces will not be suitable for your decor. You will prefer comfortable and relaxing pieces such as chaises longues, daybeds, or butterfly chairs.

Lighting and Accessories
The modest ambient lighting will unite your Bohemian style decor and will complement the serenity and understanding in your room. Hanging fixtures equipped with candles and pendants will help your lighting, and you will not find any difficulties in finding what suits your taste.

Embrace a natural world in this Bohemian style. Add memorable life decorations by adding fern tree plants or by hanging plants in your room. They will provide freshness in your room, air quality will be better, and will enliven your room. Philodendron and lilies will complete the atmosphere with your lighting. Care for your green plants is to always pay attention to it and water it occasionally.

Add decorations to your family’s dream objects, photos of your family moments, knitwear items, and some items or accessories from a trip for you and your family. You will show off accessories that become your favorites, such as rugs, maps, or even vintage bottles that you decorate yourself. The easiest and fastest way to achieve the Bohemian style in your home is to make your room feel as if you are talking about the uniqueness of the accessories that you display in your room.

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