Feng Shui Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Feng Shui Bathroom Decorating Ideas

From a feng shui perspective, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms have a big impact in radiating positive energy into your home. However, this radiance will only get when you organize, decorate, and care for it the right way!

When this feng shui bathroom decor project is in progress, you must be able to clean up negative energy and strive to create a positive qi. That’s why these feng shui bathroom decor ideas you should learn and apply for the success of your decorating projects!

How to feng shui bathroom decor?

To reduce the negative flow in the bathroom, you must try to use the bathroom properly. And make some efforts to keep the bathroom clean and can also be enjoyed with everyone in the house.

The most important thing to underline is to keep the bathroom clean. A messy bathroom will produce an unpleasant odor, and this is what causes negative chemical flow in the room!

Create a fresh and Airy bathroom

One of the causes of negative qi flow in the bathroom is the unpleasant smell! In order to create positive qi, you should make every effort to get rid of the bad odors in the bathroom. The most effective way to minimize unpleasant odors is to maintain bathroom ventilation and ensure proper air circulation in it.

Besides that, you can also get in the habit of always closing the toilet after using it! Set up an air diffuser in the bathroom and use your favorite air freshener too. Also, for feng shui bathroom decor perfection, adding purifying plants to it is a great way!

Use soothing colors

For perfection in feng shui bathroom decor, you must be able to create a space atmosphere that feels more relaxed. Using calming and neutral colors is the best choice for a comfortable feeling in the room. Choice of beige and matcha green tones is a color combination that will create a relaxing and soothing charm in any bathroom.

Stay Balanced!

To create a good feng shui flow in your bathroom, you have to balance the elements that are in it. Green, wood, and gold accents are some of the best colors for a positive energy balance in a bathroom.

Try to incorporate green tones into your accessories, perhaps wall hangings, cleaning products, etc. For gold tones, you can use them on mirror frames, or other items like faucets, towel hangers, and so on.


Feng Shui Bathroom Decorating Ideas
Feng Shui Bathroom Decorating Ideas

In addition to the several factors above, for feng shui bathroom decor you also need to know the good placement in the house. The ideal bathroom will be placed in a remote area in the house with the aim of breaking down negative qi.

However, wherever the bathroom is located, you can minimize the leakage of negative qi by adding mirrors and plants to the bathroom. In addition, make sure to always close the bathroom door so that positive energy is not sucked into the room.

Avoid the toilet door that faces the kitchen entrance

From a feng shui perspective, the bathroom door overlooking the dining area will make the food served less appetizing! Is that right? From this point of view, you should not leave the bathroom door facing the kitchen or dining area as it is thought to cause disease.

In addition to the level of health, feng shui bathroom decor with a door facing the dining area will have a bad impact on leaking odors and unpleasant sounds.

If you already have a placement like this, make sure to always close your bathroom door! And put a limit on the entrance so that positive qi is not sucked into the bathroom.

In the heart of the house

If you have a bathroom that is right in front of the main door then this will have a negative impact on the flow of feng shui! Why? This is because when entering the house, guests will immediately stare at the bathroom door and tend to flow positive qi into it.

Not only that, the feng shui bathroom decor in the center of the house will spread negative qi to every room around it! If you have a placement like this, you should always close the bathroom entrance, add some ornamental plants in or near the bathroom entrance to minimize energy leakage.

Under the stairs

Bathrooms and stairs are two areas that can exude negative qi into the home, so combining them together is a bad idea when it comes to feng shui bathroom decor! From a feng shui point of view having a bathroom under the stairs will weaken the relationship with your friend. So, if this hasn’t happened, it’s a good idea to make this area empty or use it as a storage area for goods.

In the bedroom

The trendy home style is a house with a bathroom in the bedroom! And actually, this is not a good thing for the feng shui school because it can be a source of disease for room users. To solve this problem, you can rest the first of your bed in the same area as the toilet installation.

This will block the flow of negative qi that is present from disturbing you while resting!

With this feng shui bathroom decor, it will be easier for you to create a positive flow in your home, especially in your bathroom. To create a better flow of positive energy in the bathroom, you can read about it here.

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