Make Feng Shui Dining Room for Happiness Every Time

8 Tips Feng Shui Dining Room for Happiness Every Time

Feng Shui Dining Room

Feng Shui is a way of mixing and channeling “Chi” or subtle energy flowing in this universe. Feng Shui can be defined as water as well as wind, or a flow of energy throughout the universe which involves assessing as well as adjusting some energy in your environment. Includes landscape, coloring, lighting, objects, space, and lighting. Feng shui can flow in every room of the house, as well as in the dining room! Feng shui dining room will provide a good flow of energy for harmony and also a sense of happiness in it. To do this, you will be doing some consideration in the arrangement of space and objects to produce a better flow of energy. Here are some feng shui dining room tips that you must try.

Make Feng Shui Dining Room for Happiness

Make Feng Shui Dining Room for Happiness Every Time
Make Feng Shui Dining Room for Happiness Every Time

 Feng Shui Dining Room Table Position Options
The first thing to do for a feng shui dining room is to choose and place the table! The choice of a dining table with a size that is large enough but still fits in the dining area will be better for feng shui flow. Also, rounded tables are a better choice, but if the dining room has a rectangular table you can balance the look by using a round rug in your dining area.

A good placement for the dining table is to be in the center of the room and turn it slightly at an angle to the wall, to keep the chi flowing on the gently curved paths in the room. Straight placement means that the Chi is obtained in a straight line through space or around edges (even stuck in a corner).

The Best Plants For Feng Shui Home

Table Settings
Using plain colors with simple shapes is a better choice for a calming level of positive energy! However, if the choice with a patterned table catches your eye more than a choice with one or two main color prints is better, a choice with vertical stripes is also a sensible idea as it represents a symbol of uplifting energy.

Using a busy pattern will destroy the Chi, and for maximum viewing, you can arrange the dining items on the table or table.

In feng shui, you are required to give the position of the oldest family member or important guest to a position of honor! This position is in the area farthest from the door, has a solid wall behind it, and provides a realistic view of the doors and windows.

Calming Color Choices
The chi for the dining room should be more of yin than yang, this option will give you a more playful and more relaxed look. The basis for using a good color is pastel or neutral colors, this color choice will later stimulate the Yin Chi match. And for large wall areas, the use of a single color would be better to use. You can also use multiple images and ornaments, or give the item a look that matches your location!

If you want a brighter color look, you should avoid tall patterned wallpaper as it will break up the Chi in the space. And if you have already, you can use abstract images with stronger and plain colors that adjust to the location of your pa!

Appearance Furniture
Having a round bowl with round fruits in the center of the table will add a stronger feng shui impression to your room. The more you feed in it, the more “wealth” will be present. Even in feng shui, each fruit has its own meaning, such as apples for friendship, pears for energy, peanuts for health, and oranges for wealth.

Apart from providing a positive energy flow in the feng shui dining room, choosing fruits will make your appearance even more charming!

Fortune Energy Giver
To provide a better flow of Chi, you can bring in some ornamental plants with soft leaves on the dining table area. keep electronic items in the dining room (including yang).

The flow of clean water gives a display that symbolizes luck, energy, health, and also wealth in life. Bringing a small water feature or aquarium into the dining room will bring you lots of luck. However, if this is not possible you can bring the water symbol by displaying a seashell painting, or a relaxing drawing of a stream of water. An aquarium with goldfish would be even better because goldfish are a real symbol of good luck! Use 3 or 9 fish in the tank and add one blackfish (symbol of protection).

What to pay attention to is don’t use water items in the northeast, south, or southwest as this will collide with chi!

Make sure the feng shui dining room has soft, soothing lights! Use a wall light fixture with a dimmer switch to set the atmosphere inside. Apart from using the right lighting, you can also add a mirror to create a subtle vibe in the feng shui dining room! Make sure the mirror reflects off the dining area for feng shui perfection (not kitchen and bathroom).

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