Feng shui is a Chinese term that is closely related to the flow of positive energy into a room. Feng shui is an important element that every room must have so that the room feels more comfortable and harmony is well maintained in it. Likewise, for the dining room, this space where we spend a fair amount of time with our guests and family should have a positive flow of energy at all times!

The application of these feng shui dining room tips will allow you to get a positive flow of energy in the room without having to spend a lot of money! Here are the dining room feng shui tips that you should apply.

The Basics of Feng Shui

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes 2

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes

Before we dive deeper into the discussion of dining room Feng shui, let’s remember a little about the basics of feng shui. Feng shui has the meanings of “water” and “wind”, and refers to the flow of Chi that exists in this universe. The application of Feng shui will involve adjusting the flow of energy around the space such as: Landscape, color, lighting, space, and various objects in the room.

Everything around you have a huge influence on the flow of feng shui, so when you are trying to get feng shui into a space knowing the basics is a great start!

So, what do you need?

Maybe some people still don’t understand the application of feng shui in a room. Some think that Feng shui is just an activity of moving (arranging) furniture, and this is not entirely wrong. However, in its application, there are several things that must be considered in order to get the maximum positive flow into the space.

It can be said that feng shui is a subtle and complex art that can be used to change the flow of energy that affects your life! To apply feng shui in the dining room, here are some feng shui dining room tips that you must try.

Feng Shui Dining Room Tips

To make your feng shui dining room decorating project easier, we’ve rounded up some smart tips that work well in your dining room! The following are dining room feng shui tips that can be practiced:

Dining table

In order for the flow of feng shui to enter optimally into the dining room, then start by choosing and positioning the table correctly! In this case, start by getting a table that is enough to accommodate the whole family and still be comfortable to use together.

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes 1

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes

The choice of an oval or round dining table is the best idea! However, if you are already using a square or rectangular table then balance it with round rugs. A better idea is to position the table in the middle of the dining area and set it at a slight angle to the wall.

This method will make Chi flow around the dining table gently, if the dining table set is in a straight line in the dining room Chi will also flow straight or it may get stuck in the corner of the room.


Feng shui dining room tips that are no less important is to position the seat! The idea of ​​a feng shui seating arrangement is to ensure that the oldest guest or family member occupies the most important area of ​​the table. This area is the area that is farthest from the door and has a strong wall behind it.

Or if possible, you can create a seat that does not have its back to the door. This area is known as the treated area in feng shui, so it would be better if all the chairs were facing the door.

Dining Table Setting

Basically, neutral tones and simple shapes are the best choices for optimizing the positive energy around the dining table. However, if you want to present a texture or pattern then try to use one based on one or two of the main tones in the dining room.

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes 2

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes 

The choice of vertical lines is the most suitable idea because this will symbolize the energy that increases the positive flow and increases the enthusiasm of the space user. Avoid using patterns that are too busy, as they can break up the Chi! While the optimization trick of using cutlery is to get rid of every item that is obsolete.

Maximize Meals

To be able to maximize the richness of life you have, put a large round bowl and fill it with round fruits it. Round fruits come in various meanings, such as apples which symbolize friendship, oranges that give wealth, peaches as a symbol of health, and pears as a symbol of energy.

Isn’t it very easy to bring the flow of feng shui into the dining room? In fact, just using fruits in the middle of the dining table is enough!


To achieve harmony in a space, you have to make sure that Yin is greater than Yang! This is so that the dining room becomes a space that conveys a relaxed and calming impression. To get the flow of Yin, then you can start by decorating the dining room with soothing tones such as neutral tones and pastels.

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes 5

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes 5

For a wider wall area, then the use of a single tone is a wise choice! To bring more splashes of color tones, you can include them from paintings and ornaments in the room. But remember to keep the motif simple. Intricate motifs and patterns will break up the existing chi and this can have a bad effect on the Feng Shui flow of your dining room!

Create a flow of luck

The dining area should come with a flow of positive energy and full of good luck! For this to work well, then put some large plants near the dining area. In addition to plants, you can also present a painting that gives a calming impression.


The next feng shui dining room tip is about lighting! In bringing a positive flow of energy into the dining room, you must ensure that the light is soft and soothing. A wall lamp with a dimmer is a worthy choice to consider because it has the potential to set the mood in your room.

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes 4

Follow These 8 Feng Shui Dining Room Tips for Good Vibes

In addition to lighting, you can also present a mirror with a frame (to soften the light). However, make sure the mirror reflects the dining area so that the impression of glory is even greater! Do not let the mirror reflect the kitchen as well as the toilet, as this can be fatal to your energy flow.

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A feature that drains water cleanly is a symbol of health, as well as good luck. You can consider a minimalist aquarium on one side of the room. And fill it with goldfish as a symbol of good luck.

By applying the feng shui dining room tips above, it will be easier for you to bring positive flow in the dining room without having to use the services of a pro! The point of implementing it is to be patient and keep trying to get the best settings based on the tips above. Good luck!