The dining room is one of the very important spaces and becomes a space that is quite often visited by guests. Whatever the design concept of existing, you must create a conducive display in the room. This is related to comfort, display, and attraction. One way to present a conducive atmosphere at the dining table is to apply the principle of Feng Shui Dining Table.

However, how do you present a good Feng Shui Dining Table? What steps should be done? In presenting the optimal flow of Feng Shui Dining Tables there are several things that must be done. The following tips for the dining table feng shui must be applied!

Use a round dining table

Feng Shui Dining Table More Better 4

Feng Shui Dining Table More Better

In Feng Shui Dining Table, the use of a round dining table is a better choice than the square or rectangular dining table. The round dining table presents equality on each side and makes the people there get the positive stream you want to present.

Likewise, with the level of view, everyone who sits there has an equal level of view and this is also an option to facilitate communication in the room.

The round dining table also comes with blunt corners and this is one of the reasons why it is very good in the flow of Feng Shui. However, if you have a small angle elongated then use a square dining table! The rectangular dining table is the worst choice for Feng Shui, so as much as possible avoid it.

Use a wooden table

Remember that Feng Shui is a design concept that balances 5 elements in a room. This Feng Shui Dining Table project is the right opportunity to use wood pieces for your deck material. Metal dining tables are indeed a trendy choice, but in the Feng Shui project, the wooden table dining room is the most appropriate idea!

What should be avoided in the election is not to use the top table made from glass, because this is not very good for the flow of Feng Shui in the dining room (especially on the dining table).

Make sure to choose a large table

The idea of the Feng Shui Dining Table next is to make sure that your dining table is enough to accommodate all room users. And make sure every room user can sit comfortably without having to touch each other.

Don’t position the dining table between two access points

Feng Shui Dining Table More Better 2

Feng Shui Dining Table More Better

Do you know a threatening position in a room? Does the dining room come with doors and windows? This is a very bad area for Feng Shui’s stream! To get a good feng shui dining table, make sure you don’t position the table between the door and window.

In Feng Shui, the two areas this is a bad area and can eliminate good luck, health, and positive energy you should get.

However, if the re-regulation becomes an activity that is not possible, the solution to this problem is to hang the wind bell or pendant so that the positive energy flow still gets you.

Don’t position the dining table to the wall

Don’t push the dining table to the wall! This can illustrate that you don’t like migrants (guests), in the setting of the dining table will be better if you position the table floating. Thus, when guests come, they can get a comfortable position to eat the dinner serving on the table.

Best position

Feng Shui Dining Table More Better 3

Feng Shui Dining Table More Better

Remember that the good flow of feng shui is when the placement you do gives a sense of security and comfort for space users. Areas near windows and doors have negative energy and are considered as a surprise element (which has the potential to give a disaster).

When you position the dining table, try to make everyone in the room can see the window and also the door. One effective way to this problem is to hang a mirror or another reflective item so those who are in front of the door or window know what’s behind it!

Give additional colors to increase Feng Shui dining room

You must have grown that the dining table is an item that can affect various accessories. And this is a good opportunity for you to enter several colors to increase the flow Feng Shui Dining Table.

Determination of color for Feng Shui dining table-like color selection in your home!

  1. The dining table in the northern area of the dining room then use a blue tone
  2. East area with green
  3. However, if you prefer to maintain a simpler dining table display with dark or white tones, then add fine tones with flowers, candles, vases, and Napkins can be your choice.

Always save something on the dining table.

Feng Shui Dining Table More Better 4

Feng Shui Dining Table More Better 4

Is it time to eat or not, it’s good for Feng Shui to save something on the dining table. If something is edible, the better, even if it’s something just for beauty like a plant or flower, it’s also fine. Having something on the table gives a taste and invitation table. (Although Feng Shui’s bad to store dried flowers on the dining table when they signify setbacks.)

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Even dining chairs

To drain a good Feng Shui in the dining table, you don’t have to always focus on the dining table area. However, you also have to pay attention to the seating area! When delivering a dining chair, make sure to put a chair with a dark amount.

This number provides symmetry and has an important aspect for the flow of Feng Shui in the dining room.

In addition to finding an even number, make sure there are no seats that lead directly to the bathroom door. In the case of Feng Shui, this has an effect on health and also the welfare of the user of the room.

Here are simple tips for facilitating feng shui dining tables! So, what do you think? Is there something missing the tips above? Write your opinion and suggestions in the comments column.