Feng Shui is considered as a set of rules that regulate and orient a space that has a flow of Chi energy with a beneficial effect based on the determination and design of existing buildings.

When feng shui garden design begins, it can be said that we are doing optimization in the garden to get a calming and relaxing impression in the hope of getting spiritual well-being and serenity. We’ve summarized easy ways to bring feng shui into the garden with ease and with an even flow of Chi on each side, here’s how!

Feng shui garden design creating serenity.


feng shui garden design ideas in the southeast area will be dominated by wood items and also water! Because this area has an attachment to wealth and abundant prices. Fountains are the most common choice for feng shui gardens in the southeast!

Feng Shui Garden Design Ideas for Serenity

Feng Shui Garden Design Ideas for Serenity

Add the golden bells to the water to give you an added impression of glory and abundance and good fortune. The wooden feature is a fun accessory in the southeast area, even if you have a pond with a fountain decorated with fish, turtles, and frogs then you are in awe.


Feng Shui Garden Design Ideas is an area of energy that reflects success, fame, and recognition! In your garden design, this area would be better designed to be a more energetic area with the element of fire as the basis of the design.

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Placing a fire pit in the southern area is the right choice to increase the existing energy flow. In addition, you can also provide additional planting with colorful flowers in tones of red, yellow, orange, and so on.


The perfection of the feng shui garden design in the southwest is all about inner peace, love, and also relationships! So, don’t be surprised if this area will be dominated by bright colors like yellow, red and pink. Southwest is also very suitable to be used as a gathering place with family and guests.

Feng shui garden design in the North area

In this area, you will focus on energies that are closely related to your existing life path (career). When designing a garden in the northern area you can bring stones and combine them with water to give the impression of peace. Options such as a birdbath or fountain will flow well and provide soothing sounds to the soul.

The use of tones such as dark blue and black in this area will make a great combination for your energy flow.


The feng shui garden design creating serenity in the Northeast area is closely related to personal as well as spiritual growth! Here is a suitable place to relax and enjoy a soothing garden atmosphere.

The addition of designed pebbles to a subtle wavy pattern and the addition of euphorbia or genista to the terracotta pot will add charm to your Feng Shui design! A relaxing table in the corner can be the perfect idea for contemplation on your garden.


This area is an area that has an attachment to health and longevity. In feng shui garden design, the eastern area is the area that can be said to be the most fertile. By using selected plants that are easy to grow, this area will be very fertile (must be).

Options such as bamboo as well as ornamental trees with ease of growth are the most suitable ideas for eastern areas! They also provide added structure as well as greater scale in your feng shui garden. Try adding curly cherries or apples to increase the structure. And balance it with bolder planting of hydrangeas and chrysanthemums to add accents and a more charming garden look.


In this area, it would be better if you use it as a place to sit and socialize with your family. In feng shui garden design ideas, this one area has a strong connection to networking, new meetings, and new beginnings.

The use of metal tones, such as silver and white, is an idea that fits perfectly in this area. By adding additional accessories such as wind chimes or other metal ornaments, you will find a perfect appearance and spiritual impact on this northwestern area.


For those of you who have growing children who like to play outdoors, then feng shui garden design ideas by creating a play area in the west is a great idea! The western area is closely related to creativity and growth.

In this area, activities such as yoga are activities that are very suitable for you to do.

The feng shui garden design ideas above will guide you to create a completely comfortable area with a positive energy flow based on feng shui, so give it a try and feel the impact!

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