Feng Shui Home Office

How did you perform while working from home? Doing every job on the sofa, kitchen, or maybe on the bed? Areas of the home that are not comfortable may not be the place to increase productivity. A study shows that environmental quality in the house is closely related to improving performance and also productivity. To get the most comfortable place and allow for better work. This Feng Shui Home Office provides clear guidelines on how to create a comfortable and productive work atmosphere.

Isn’t the great thing about feng shui? Feng shui provides us with more knowledge to perform various optimizations in the home to provide a comfortable, healthier life, and also increase productivity. Here are some feng shui ways to get a homework area to make you more productive.

Feng Shui Home Office Which Will Improve Your Performance

Feng Shui Home Office Which Will Improve Your Performance

Feng Shui Home Office Will Improve Your Performance

Know the Function of Your Workspace
The first thing taught in the feng shui home office is to arrange the furniture and determine the clear function of your home office. More precisely, what kind of jobs do you do in the home, writing, marketing, design, or accounting? Every job has different requirements specifications with several factors, you will more easily get the furniture and items needed for each job.

After you know the list of needs such as furniture and other items, you must optimize the space by getting rid of various clutter. This is why the selection of furniture has a high contribution to performance and also your focus when you are there. Ask yourself, how much functional furniture should be in your room! Building a workspace with furniture that has clear functions, motivation, and also supports performance improvements will make you more focused on what you will do.

The Best Home Office Feng Shui Plants

Position the Work Desk in Command Position
Never forget your commando position whenever you decorate! Taking into account the position of the desk and the building that is there will give you the smooth running of your job. Ensure the best command position in your work area, in feng shui, this means on a solid wall behind you, and a few plants (wood elements) are on its side. Having a strong command position will add excitement, metaphoric, and make every opportunity that comes to feel clearer.

Also, as much as possible do not position the table under ceiling beams, fans, or on walls that protrude in feng shui as these areas indicate “sha” or a drain on life energy.

Feng Shui Home Office About Function
In-home office space optimization, make sure you always remember the functionality of the space. Given that every piece of furniture that is entered must be carefully considered about the existing functions, and determine the type and how much furniture you will need (depending on the job). By taking this into account, it will be easier for you to save time, money, space, and also the level of clutter in it.

When you put too many items into a room, you might clutter up the work area and the stress level will increase!

Lighting as a Source of Energy
One of the feng shui principles of “Natural Light” is a principle to follow. Natural lighting is one of the sources of positive energy that your room should constantly acquire. Ensuring that the workspace has good light and air cycle is a must in feng shui. For that, having a window in the work area will provide radiant energy for your room. Use thin curtains to get a finer light into space without having to block them!

Apart from the principles of feng shui, having a flow of natural light will give you a boost in your productivity as well as your concentration level. Giving native plants on the side of the worktable will also be a way to increase energy in the work area, improve air quality, and keep workers focused.

Feng Shui Home Office About Chaos
feng shui home office teaches us to declutter the work area, bring in enough storage, and overcome various visual clutter. This method will give you a performance boost and make the home office area tidier and more organized. If you need storage for paper documents (hard copy) then investing in a hanging shelf or open shelf is a better idea, this way you will have an area that feels more spacious.

Then, do the sorting of your items. Remove all items that are not useful and enter items that can be used for extra work.

Color and Material Choices Feng Shui Home Office
In addition to arranging the layout of the room, you also have to make choices on the colors and materials that will occupy your room. In feng shui, a rectangular wooden table is an item to really recommend. With the use of natural ingredients, you can give it a more pleasant, natural look, and the feng shui vibe will be more pronounced there.

In color, the feng shui home office will get the color to suit your job. The use of blue, green, and beige is best for any office space because they are the color choice against a strong background!

Feng shui home office will be a real guide for your home office decoration. Using these guidelines, you will get a productivity boost!

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