Feng Shui Interior Design for a Positive Flow in Your Space

Feng Shui Interior Design for a Positive Flow in Your Space

Feng Shui Interior Design

If the interior of the house is the last thing you think about and hope to provide a flow of positive energy in it. Then including feng shui is the most sensible choice! Feng shui will give you a balance of energy or it is called “CHI”. The main goal is to improve the quality of the room, provide comfort, and create a positive energy flow in it. This feng shui interior design is the answer for those who want a positive flow of energy in their space, it really works and is worth implementing! Let’s start. . .

Feng Shui Interior Design for a Positive Flow

Feng Shui Interior Design for a Positive Flow in Your Space
Feng Shui Interior Design for a Positive Flow in Your Space

1. Use the Command Position
As you know, in the basic principles of feng shui the commando position is one of the building blocks of feng shui. This position can mean some important furniture such as a bed (yourself), table (career), and stove (wealth). Maybe the process of moving the stove can be very troublesome, but getting the best position on the bed and table can be done!

The most important thing in determining the position is that you can see the door when you are in bed, sitting, or cooking and do not turn your back to the door for optimal energy flow.

2. Vertical Area Optimization
In feng shui interior design, you don’t have to add climbing walls or stairs to the list of decorations, but integrate with several forms and also add vertical lines that will represent growth and expansion in feng shui. There are many ways you can try!

Feng Shui Home Office Will Improve Performance

Adding lighting that moves upward, adding some trees at the corners for a taller sense of space. And if you have a room with tall bookshelves, optimizing the meter for a higher visual illusion can be done

3. Always Clean
In feng shui, too much chaos causes the flow of energy to be blocked! Feng shui believes that any chaos in space will eat up incoming energy and block the flow of energy. So, the job of cleaning the work area, entryways, and other spaces will be the best way to keep the feng shui flow intact. Apart from making space feel more spacious, reducing stress, you will also find balance in your arrangement.

Starting the day in a completely clean room will provide a level of excitement, and productivity for each user.

4. Remove Every Obstacle
Look and see, which route do you use the most? Bathroom, living room, bedroom, or kitchen? Is this route really barrier-free? In feng shui interior design, you have to pay attention to how to cross each space and the level of danger that can be obtained. If this route is completely free of various obstacles then you have succeeded in getting the perfect feng shui interior design!

However, when the risk of tripping or other dangers is still lurking you should make a major overhaul to ensure that feng shui is well preserved.

5. Clean Entryways
No less important to optimize is your entryways area! feng shui interior design believes that cleaning the entrance area will provide a better flow of positive energy into your space. Get rid of various clutter items there, such as socks, shoes, and so on.

If possible, providing additional wall art or ornamental plants would be a great option to welcome the positive energy that enters your home!

6. Use Metal
Put some metal elements in your furniture, to give the interior a better feng shui vibe you can add metal elements! This element will give you clarity, sharpness of thought, calmness, and also a balance of energy to increase your productivity.

The choice of wall decoration or lamp fixture with brass is our favorite! They look elegantly for any space and make for a more elegant look.

7. Add Plants
Giving plants into a feng shui inspired space will provide a better flow of life energy, give you extra freshness, and also provide better air quality! feng shui interior design would not be complete without plants in it!

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