Feng Shui Living Room Ideas for Extra Freshness

8 Feng Shui Living Room Ideas for Extra Freshness

The balance of space and positive energy flow is very important to improve well-being in the house. Where you are and how you feel will have a big effect on the quality of your life later. The living room becomes a room that unites you with your family, gathering, receiving guests, playing, and so on. To flow the positive energy of the living room, Feng Shui living room ideas are a very suitable choice to present a positive energy flow in the room.

With a few simple steps, it will be easier for you to bring the flow of Feng Shui into your living room! So, keep scrolling for more inspiration!

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

Clean the room
The first thing that must be done in Feng shui living room ideas is to clean the space to bring a better positive flow. This is done because considering that the living room is a very busy space and visited by many people every day, the way of cleaning according to feng shui can be done by spreading essential oils in every corner, ringing a bell, or using a smudge!

Or you can open a window that is there for about 9 minutes! Remember that the number 9 is a number that describes luck (in feng shui).

Opening the window aims to release old energy and allow the flow of positive energy from nature to easily enter your living room. And don’t forget to wipe the windows using a glass cleaner that doesn’t contain toxic substances.

The undeniable thing is that we have too many things in the room! And they don’t make space feel more interesting, they make a space feel really busy. The clutter that is reflected in the room will describe the impression of being too busy, stressed, and a messy life!

When you want to present a positive energy flow in the living room, don’t forget to get rid of some items that you feel are less useful.

Make good Bagua indoors
Next up is laying out the Bagua energy map in the room! This map will be divided into 9 areas according to the location of the room. You can use it as a benchmark for improving the quality of feng shui in your living room.

The simplest way with equivalent results is to apply the use of color in the area.

Feng shui living room ideas with a balance of feng shui elements
This element is a Taoist system based on natural cycles to balance health and well-being in a room. These elements include wood, fire, water, metal, and also the earth.

To bring a better flow in the room, you can enter one by one each of the elements that you have!

  • Ground: With brown, yellow, orange, and flat tones that are square in shape
  • Metal: In white, metallic, gray tones, with a round shape
  • Water: In black, dark blue tones which are in the form of waves
  • Wood: Blue, green tones, with rectangular and columnar shapes
  • Fire: Usually in red tones, and is triangular in shape

The right color
In feng shui, color has its own symbolism with the Bagua map and also the 5 elements in it. So, when you want to apply Feng shui living room ideas, make sure the color selection has the aim of enhancing and also supporting the areas in your room.

An easy tip for using color in the living room is to pay attention to the A-Z feng shui color pillar and then get what energy you want to boost! And bring in color using coloring, wall art, or maybe furniture.

However, stick to your style and intuition! Any color you like can be used, leaving out unwanted tones. The one who better understands what your needs are is yourself.

Give it a little space
Do not forget about every placement that is in your room, remembering that the living room is a multifunctional room you must provide the right distance in it. Making sure there are no furniture legs getting in the way of your traffic, and having comfortable seating for every user of the space is the most important thing in your decorating project.

Tips To Choose Living Room Furniture

In Feng shui living room ideas, you should also keep the distance as close as possible to the conversation area. Which means having a place to face each other and being able to have a clear flow of conversation. And minimize the placement of guests who sit with their backs facing the door.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas Houseplants
What could be better than bringing in plants to enhance the natural feel? Isn’t this an effective and super simple way to increase the feng shui energy in the living room? What is needed is lighting, free space, water, and also the right choice of plants!

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas Wall art
Feng shui living room ideas for bringing wall art based on the elements that exist in your room! when you want to bring a passionate nuance, then use red in your wall art. Likewise, to present other nuances in it.

Also, make sure to avoid using emotional or historical wall art in your life! This has a possible negative impression on you.

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