Feng Shui Living Room Rules for a Positive Flow in the Room

10 Feng Shui Living Room Rules for a Positive Flow

Having a comfortable living room for various activities is something that many homeowners crave. However, the family room is not just a choice of furniture and decorations. To get a sense of comfort with a positive flow in the living room, presenting Feng Shui is the most appropriate way. Feng shui living room rules are some of the most effective ways to increase a sense of comfort, as well as a positive flow in your living room (based on feng shui). So keep scrolling for more information on bringing a sense of comfort to the living room.

Feng Shui Living Room Rules

Sofa placement
The first feng shui living room rule is to make sure you don’t place the sofa with the back against the window! This placement is considered to destroy the flow of energy in the house and make room users unable to enjoy the view outside your window. In feng shui, every outdoor landscape is very important and must be clearly visible.

By presenting the outdoor view, you will get a better flow of energy. In fact, in feng shui, you are encouraged to reflect on the scene by placing a mirror on the wall opposite the window.

Good arrangement
To bring in a positive flow in Feng shui living room rules, you are required to make the best possible space arrangement and ensure that every chair can see the door clearly! This setting aims to make it easier for every room used to be able to get out quickly when unexpected events occur. Having a chair that can easily stare at the door will minimize this flow of negative energy and instantly make the user feel more comfortable.

Hang wall art in a positive light
In order to increase the flow of positivity in the living room, you should also decorate it with various items that make you even more optimistic. A painting of nature or a picture with several people with big smiles on their faces will be a trigger for happiness in the room.

We love metal wall hangings with a beautiful flower or leaf shapes, apart from making the room feel more charming. They also have metallic elements that are needed in feng shui.

Bring in a bowl of coins on the coffee table
You can choose one maybe a bowl of crystals, gems, or coins, and place them in the center of the coffee table. These items are symbols of glory in feng shui. In order for a positive flow to be obtained, Feng shui living room rules with these items are highly recommended.

However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy these items! It is enough to paint the gravel in a color that resembles this item. Presenting the correct symbolism and intentions, the energy of prosperity will flow well in the room.

Cover your TV
Feng shui living room rules teach us to be more careful using reflective items (such as mirrors). Basically, good use of a mirror in feng shui is to reflect a nice scene as well as a pleasant outdoor scene or favorite wall art.

However, many homeowners forget that when the TV is turned off the screen immediately becomes a mirror. And when their placement is not noticed, they will reflect various items that may not be suitable for the living room feng shui flow. So, we recommend that you cover the TV when you are not using it. This will minimize disruption to the flow of feng shui in your living room.

Declutter regularly
The number of activities that are carried out in the living room, makes us not aware that this room is chaotic with various objects scattered about. The chaos that exists may be heaps of several months or even years. You won’t know what items are in there!

With so much clutter going on, this will make your living room Feng Shui a real mess. And to make it more organized. The most sensible feng shui living room rules are to minimize the use of items in the living room and get rid of various unnecessary items there.

Don’t forget about the Feng Shui elements
Feng shui living room rules for the perfection of another positive flow are to include 5 basic elements: Water, Fire, Wood, Metal, and also earth.

  1. Wood element: Is a symbol of creativity and growth
  2. Water: A symbol of peace and spirituality in a room
  3. Fire: Gives a symbol of passion and leadership.
  4. Earth: Is an element that gives the impression of being strong and sturdy
  5. Metal: Provides clarity for space users.

Basically lighting is a very good way to regulate the flow of Feng Shui in a room. Feng shui living room rules try to use a fixture with a higher wattage to illuminate various existing areas, and some time you can also make a dim impression for a more dramatic impression in the room.

Bringing in the right fixture and playing with the intensity of the existing lighting is the best way to set the mood of the room user.

Best Living Room Lighting Must Know

Using a mirror is also a very good idea to make the room brighter and the mood easier to adjust. However, when using it make sure to get your strategic place! Because a mirror that emits chaos will destroy the flow of Feng Shui in your Living Room.

The next feng shui living room rules are balancing various items and elements! The balance in providing a space with the elements that exist will have an impact on the flow of energy in it. So when you hover over the 5 elements make sure not to go overboard.

Put Plants
To get the most out of other Feng Shui-style living room decorations is to bring in some plants and ornamental flowers. You can fill in some empty corners using ornamental plants or flowers, apart from beautifying the space, flowers and plants will give a positive flow to it and purify the air!

When you want to get a flow of Feng Shui in the living room, following the Feng shui living room rules above will really help you! So, make sure to consider and read this article thoroughly. Good luck.

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