9 Tips Make Good Feng Shui Bathroom 1

9 Tips Make Good Feng Shui Bathroom

Feng shui is a way of decoration from Asia that is used as a benchmark for providing a positive flow of energy in a room. In feng shui, we will get to know various elements and the elements that exist will be closely related to wealth, harmony, social networks, health, and so on.

When you want to present a Good feng shui bathroom, get used to adjusting the various existing bathroom feng shui rules. You need to know that modern bathrooms come with too much contrast and when you think about them these ancient Chinese elements simply don’t match up.

The bathroom is described as an unpleasant place, and has a bad reputation for having an element of water running down the drain! Very bad, right?

The modern bathroom becomes a space to clean, rest, and recharge drained energy. Even though the bathroom is a luxurious area, if you want to get a good feng shui bathroom, you have to respect the existing elements. Here are some feng shui updating tips for your bathroom area.

Always close your toilet seat!

To create a good feng shui bathroom, the first thing to do is to change the habits you have. First try to always cover the toilet seat, the toilet seat is an area for cleaning waste and water. And this is a place that will absorb the positive energy in the space when you leave it open.

These bathroom feng shui tips will also reduce humidity in your bath and be a way to minimize mold and mildew growth!

Save water to Make Good Feng Shui Bathroom

bathroom feng shui next tip is to save your water expenditure. Basically, feng shui is a design method with a philosophy of connecting the house with the natural surroundings. By conserving water, we will protect the existing ecosystem and create a better flow of positive energy in the bathroom.

It would be better if you skimp on the available resources and supply enough water! It’s very simple but has a big impact on the feng shui flow of your bathroom.

Close the bathroom door

It’s almost like closing your toilet! This method will also minimize the flow of excessive positive energy into the bathroom and eventually wasted it. To make the energy flow spread throughout the space, you must read this.

And keep the bathroom door closed to minimize the leakage of Qi in the house.

Hide the toilet for Good Feng Shui Bathroom

To present a Good feng shui bathroom, it’s a good idea to visually hide the toilet! You can do various ways such as giving a door or creating a better bathroom design with an additional divider in your room.

By visually hiding the toilet, the flow of feng shui in the bathroom will be better and energy leakage can be minimized.

Add a mirror

The mirror on the bathroom door is a great addition to any good feng shui bathroom! The mirror has a function as a feng shui energy enhancer in the room and eliminates various problems in it.

9 Tips Make Good Feng Shui Bathroom 2
9 Tips Make Good Feng Shui Bathroom

However, remember that mirrors have a doubling function! So, make sure not to bounce the toilet when placing the mirror on the bathroom door.


What makes the bathroom a bad place for feng shui is because it drains out the positive energy that is in your room. For that, try to bring ornamental plants into the room so that the bathroom also gets direct life energy.

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With the plants in the bathroom, you convert the existing water energy into vital life energy for the plants. And make plants continue to grow, and create a natural impression in the room.

Beauty products

Check your storage! Every item that exists has its own time and is a must for you to check. Make sure every item that is there has not expired and can still be stored in the room. In feng shui, expired items will have a major effect on health and well-being (even if they are not used).

So, make sure the storage is organized, and you should take it out when it is not being used or has expired!

Change Towels

A pile of towels in the bathroom can be a source of odor and bacteria in your bathroom! And if you can try to clean it to the maximum! However, the average homeowner will choose to replace his towel with a new one and use the old towel as a rag or so on.

To bring a Good feng shui bathroom, try to replace existing towels and linens and use sustainable, organic, and toxin-free products. The idea is to minimize bacteria from sticking to the skin.

Since the skin is the largest organ in the body and can absorb a variety of energies, you have to choose the right towel. Make sure to choose the best ingredients you can get to properly drain the energy into your skin.

Do a Deep Clean!

This room is the place where you will thoroughly cleanse your body! However, don’t forget to clean it too. The flow of feng shui energy will be even better when you have an organized and always clean space!

And to present a Good feng shui bathroom, be sure to clean it regularly. In fact, there are many choices of cleaning agents that you can get in stores or make your own that can be done very easily.

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